Snow Day Love


My sister-in-law sent me this today and I thought it was such an incredibly cool picture, I needed to share it with you!  A perfectly shaped leaf heart laying gently in the snow!  We have been hit here in Michigan this week with a big snowstorm that left us with two very much appreciated snow days home from work and school.

There is just something about the feeling of anticipation of a snowstorm coming and the possibility of a snow day!  I am a teacher and the workplace atmosphere on Wednesday was nothing short of kids on Christmas Eve as we all discussed the possibility of a snow day!  People checking their messages, waiting for the call-would they call it the day before or wait until the morning?  Peeking out the window watching the snow blow by and seeing the cars creeping by on the road-a sense of excitement mixed with anxiety over the worsening weather conditions.  Parents picking up their kids early from school to get home before the storm worsened. Sneaking a peek at the weather channel on our lunch breaks.  If we knew the night before that school was cancelled -we could turn off our alarms and blissfully sleep in to our heart’s content!  I could hear the whoops and screaming from my desk before I even saw the message!  School was canceled!

We just needed to brave the trip home, as we dreamed of jumping into our pjs and staying in them the whole next day, curled up on the sofa with tea and hot chocolate, catching up on TV shows, reading and watching movies (as a type A person who can’t sit still that long, I have to admit I got all of my laundry done and cleaned the house-not exactly a dreamy snow day but I felt great about getting caught up-since we actually got two snow days!)

So when my sister-in-law sent this picture to me I thought it was a perfect symbol of what a snow day means to those of us in the north!  A small, perfect reward for enduring the long, cold days of winter, a mini-vacation, a chance to be cozy and snuggle with our loved ones!  Snow day love!

I hear there might be another storm brewing for next week!  Is it to early (or greedy) to start dreaming of another snow day?



Finding Positives in the Negatives!

Greetings Faithful Followers!

As you know we live in the icy state of Michigan. We seem to have nothing to talk about except how cold it is (oh, trust me, it is cold here!!) Sometimes though we have to look through the negatives (like last Friday’s -34 degree’s) and find some beauty. It’s about finding the positive, even though things look pretty negative. I had my husband take me for a little drive yesterday and I was able to capture some of the beauty of our wonderful Lake Huron. I like hot sun and sand, but places where there is always hot sun and sand….well…it could get boring….but the Lake Huron…it changes with the season, and the sky color and the temperature. And sometimes, it’s most beautiful when it’s frozen! Enjoy a few of the sights I found yesterday! And then go out and find your positive!!

Happy March


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