Show Me the Shamrock!

ShamrockFeast ye old eyes on the Shamrock, the symbol we all associate with St. Patrick’s Day. Now, after looking at it and studying it….do you know the meaning behind the Shamrock? I did not until yesterday. I am not really sure how I got to be 56 years old and be part Irish and not know this information! I was watching Television yesterday morning when the local newscasters were interviewing a lady who was a founder of the “Corktown” Parade and festivities in Detroit, MI. Behind them you could see Michigan Avenue in Detroit’s Historic Corktown which was a sea of green where people young and old were decked out in their greatest Irish colored gear. It was announced that this annual Irish shebang welcomes tens of thousands of people each year!

During this interview the “Irish Lady” explained that the Shamrock was the symbol of the Holy Trinity. During the fifth century, St. Patrick adopted the shamrock as a religious symbol, noting that the three leaves represented the Holy Trinity of Christianity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As St. Patrick worked to spread Christian doctrine across Ireland, the shamrock became a symbol of his work. He was so loved that St. Patrick’s Day was named for him, although the religious connotations of the shamrock in the holiday celebration have mostly been forgotten. The “Irish Lady” being interviewed also said the stem represented God. So, I decided to look it up and sure enough, that is where the Shamrock symbol became the mascot of St. Patrick’s Day! Hopefully the next time you see the shamrock, or wear something with the shamrock on it, it will help you to remember St. Patrick and the message he was sending out to people.

So, now you know the meaning of the Shamrock….did anyone else out there know this???

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!