Sometimes it’s Just the Little Things

Flower for blog I recently returned home from Atlanta where I had been visiting my youngest grandchildren. I am a VERY involved grandmother and it is really hard having them so far away. So facing my first day back to  work was a little depressing. I have been working hard to attract some birds to my yard after my cats chased them all away a few years. I had a few precious minutes before my mad rush to get out the door (seriously, I don’t know why I do that to myself, but I do…every day!!) so I grabbed my camera and quietly sat on the front porch. It was really beautiful out there this morning. I did snap a few pictures of the birds, but then I turned the camera lens to the flowers. This is what I got. For some reason I just loved it. So beautiful and simple. It inspired me to go out and have a beautiful day despite being a little tired and a little melancholy. Some days that’s all we can do! Hope you enjoy.