Movie Monday

Movie theater

Today I decided to post something on the lighter side!!! I love movies! I love movies in movie theaters though!! I rarely watch a movie at home. There is nothing better than a movie at the theater with fresh hot buttered popcorn!!! Maybe that is because my first job was at the old Sandusky Movie Theater owned and operated by Stan and Betty Fetting. My best friend was dating their son and I think she got us all jobs there! We were all Betty’s kids. It was really hard to think of that as a “job”…I mean as a high school student, the movie theater was the place to be and as candy counter girls we had ring side seats to everyone who came in!! I also love the drive in. My parents took us to the Hi Way drive in as kids, I took my kids and now I take my grandkids. It is one of our favorite summer things to do ….and it is only about 8 miles from my house.

So this brings me to my favorite movies. I have a lot of movies that I really like, but there are two movies that I really love, although I can’t really tell you why. The first one is Dance’s With Wolves with Kevin Costner. My very favorite scene was at the end…the Indian “Wind in His Hair” shouts out to Kevin Costner, “Dances with Wolves! I am Wind in his Hair. Can’t you see I am your friend. I will always be your friend.” A very strong resistance toward Dunbar in the beginning. And such a strong friendship in the end. I just loved that part. Now my second favorite movie is the Sound of Music. My kids will groan at this and will groan every time I made them watch it, but I still love it. My favorite part of that movie was when the Captain joined Maria in singing Edelweiss!! I just loved it.

So…do any of you have any favorite movies and/or scenes. Please feel free to share with us. I am always looking for a new movie to watch or add to my list even if I have to rent it or watch it through Netflix. Yes, I love to go to the movie theater or drive in, but that doesn’t mean I don’t watch a movie on tv now and then!! So please share with us your favorites!!