The Great “Cakescapade”

Hello faithful followers!

I wanted to share a recent event that happened, that while at the time wasn’t funny,but turned out to really be quite hilarious. My youngest grandchildren, Brooks and Elle turned 1 in January!! That year sure flew buy! I am the known cake baker in the family. No matter how hard I try to turn this back over to someone else, I still hold the title! I’ve made all of the other kids first birthday cakes, and when my daughter asked me if I could do the kids cakes, how could I say no!? There was only one small problem. She lived in Georgia, we were arriving late Friday afternoon and the party was at noon the next day. No problem I thought. I will bake the cakes here and just transport them. I had many many skeptical people warning me about trying to transport cake that far. No worries, I told them. I will freeze the cakes, pack them in Tupperware and put them in our carry on luggage. Everything related to cake decorating would go in our bags. If they lost out luggage bag, it would be just clothes, but I would have the necessary equipment for the cake. So all is well. I will always have my eye on the suitcases.

We flew out of Detroit, which I seriously dislike. We finally make it to the gate to board the very full flight. The flight attendant looks at my suitcase and said, “you are going to have to check that.” “No way,” I said. ” cannot check this bag. There are very fragile things in it.” “You can take them out”she replied, but you have to check that bag!” With a sinking heart and a slow panic beginning, I let her take my bag away. I kept thinking to myself…worse case scenario, you buy pans and re-bake them. You could stay up all night!! We finally arrived in Atlanta. I decided not to even look until we got to Christine’s. Low and behold…everything was just fine.

Of course, I had to spend some time playing with the kids and when they went to bed, I went to work. In addition to the cakes we decided to also do cupcakes. I shooed my daughter out of the kitchen, as messes make her very anxious. I start mixing up the cupcakes, got them in the oven and then started getting  ready to start the frosting for the cakes. I opened the refrigerator and the first thing I see are eggs. EGGS!!! I had forgot to put them into the cupcake batter. I pulled them out thinking I could somehow salvage them, knowing all the while it was a disaster. I scraped them out of the cupcake papers, added eggs and started mixing. It looked horrible. I dumped it down the drain, ordered my husband to Publix to pick up new supplies to start again. So the frosting and decorating of the cakes, making the cupcakes and trying to get it all together so I could get some sleep, began. By about 12:30 a.m. I was done, and for the most part so were the cakes.

I had no doubt I could finish it all in the morning. Of course come morning my daughter is preparing for the party, freaking out..which in turn was making me anxious. I did manage to get everything completed and with some time to spare to help finish up getting ready for the party! Here is the finished product. I have to admit I was pretty impressed, so was my daughter and all of her friends!


Oh, forgot I also had to put together the little smash cakes that the babies would start out with! I think it all turned out pretty good!

The time for cake finally arrives and here are the babies all ready for the cake event to begin!!


They were so sweet in their little Mickey and Minnie ears, surrounded by friends and family and ready to celebrate!!

But…after ALL of the work…my handsome, sweet adorable little Grandson was afraid of his cake!!!!

DSC_1613 DSC_1631 DSC_1633

What a little stinker!! Who is afraid of cakes???? The longer it sat there the more upset he became until Daddy finally rescued him from that scary red cake! Anyway, after all of the drama and turmoil,  the cake was delicious, the party was a success, and next year I think we will order a cake from Publix!!! So, that was the great cakescapde! (Would I do it again??? In a heartbeat! These are the things memories are made of!!)

Stay warm