Just “Say” It!

This weekend I attended a Memorial Service for my dear cousin Marilyn.  It was a difficult, but beautiful day where her memory was honored and friends and family gathered to say good-bye.  She was such an intelligent, graceful, kind woman and will be missed by all who knew her.

Her eulogy was filled with many details about her life and the wonderful woman she was.  As I was listening, a couple of things that were said stayed in my mind well beyond the Memorial Service.  One thing her daughter shared was that her Mom always said you should say nice things to and about people while they are alive and not save them for their funeral.  What words of wisdom! How often do we think about making that phone call, writing that e-mail or letter or paying someone a visit and then never do it because “life” gets in the way.  What are we so busy doing that we miss these opportunities to express our love and admiration for others?   I suspect no one would ever regret taking the time to say something nice to another person.  I personally struggle with slowing down and consciously making an effort to do this.  I want to try to live by Marilyn’s words and “just say it”, whether  it is  through a phone call, an e-mail or a personal visit.

Another thing that was shared about Marilyn was her ability to really make people feel special and listened to when they talked with her.  My Little One had only met her a couple of times and when she heard of her death, she knew exactly who I was talking about and was very sad.  You see, although they had only spent a small amount of time together, Marilyn made my Little One feel special and loved just by taking the time to listen to her.  What a special and unique quality and one that I would like to emulate in my own life.  What a gift to stop and really listen when someone is talking, to make that person feel special and heard.

My cousin Marilyn loved the Lord and has moved on from this world to her heavenly home.  She has left a legacy of love and wisdom and I am so blessed to have known her.