Rock Hunting Gone Wrong!

Hi followers!

It has been a long time since I’ve posted and I apologize. Its been a bit of a chaotic summer! I had planned for my first post to showcase Michigan and some of the sights and places that highlight our great state. However I did something today that I just have to share with you. I’m not sure if I’ve shared with all of you what a rock collector I am! I cannot resist the beauty of the different colors and shapes of rocks. It’s not that I just pick them up,  I do have a purpose for a lot of them . One of the challenges can be carrying my “rock bags” back to the car! Today I went into Dick’s and almost couldn’t believe my eyes, right there in front of me what did I see….(Insert angelic music here!!) It was one of those collapsible wagons with BIG wheels. They only had the floor model left, but I had to have this wagon. It would be the answer to my rock hauling problem.

I got to the lake (which was wild and wavy and beautiful!!! brokenwagontrip8 As you can see by my hairdo it was wildly windy, but I loved it. Nobody around to bother me and I could pick away! So, me and my nifty new wagon set off down the beach. I was so happy I could pick up the big beautiful rocks and not have to worry about carrying them. I had a couple of bags full and turned around to head back. I was about half way there and the wagon bucked like a bronco with wheels in the air, rocks when flying backwards and somehow the wheels and the handle were disconnected!!

brokenwagontripThis was the damage done. I tried to fix it, but I think there was a bolt missing and it just didn’t come together. Would also like to point out at this point I was pretty wet from the waves crashing in. I didn’t mind at first, until I was kneeling down in the sand trying to fix those wheels. I was a mess!!

brokenwagontrip6I finally just threw all the parts in the wagon and luckily I could grab the top bar to roll it to the car. Now a normal person would have been done! Pack it up and go home. I finally have to admit. I AM NOT NORMAL!! There were just too many rocks still out there calling my name. (I think I may have a problem!!) After loading the broken wagon and emptying the bags, back I went. I forgot to mention I had brought shorts with me, which would have been more appropriate to put on before venturing near the water! At least I didn’t have to go home wet and sandy!

Now I’m going to show you my treasures. And tell me, could you have left them there??? It was practically like the sand and water was just reaching out and handing them to me! Now if you aren’t a “rock collector,” “rock hound” or “stoner,” then maybe you could have walked away. But not me. At that moment I’m afraid I will never be able to pick a rock again and I better make sure I get some “the best ones.”

brokenwagontrip3 brokenwagontrip4So that was today’s adventure’s in rock hunting! Maybe it’s an addiction, maybe it’s just a hobby. One thing  I can tell you is this. When I’m picking up rocks there isn’t another thought in my mind. I am there and present in that moment. Something very important I think. I encourage you to all seek out the thing that lets you be in your moment!!