I Will Inspire

inspire someoneI wanted to share a little God moment with you all. You all know that I am a mental health therapist. Very often it is NOT a happy job. Sometimes I know how Jesus must feel as people lay their burdens on me and look to me for hope to “fix” things. As much as I want to make everything all better, a lot of times it just isn’t possible. There are so many times that I question whether I really want to be doing this job, and maybe there would be a “happier” job out there somewhere!

For the first time, (after years of talking about it) I attended the 11:00 Christmas Eve service. It was a small intimate service and the pastor asked if there were any prayer requests. I asked for prayers for the last client I had seen the night before. His life is very dark, he feels very hopeless and at times I fear he will try and end it. One of the burdens of my job. One of the reasons I often think about a happier job. After the requests we bowed our heads in prayer and when I bowed I saw the words on the necklace I had just received a few hours before from my daughter Sarah. It said, “I Will Inspire.” I had to smile, because there again was God telling me I was doing the right thing and I was in the job I was meant to be. I shouldn’t have been surprised…He does that to me quite often. So again I am filled with determination and will set out to bring light where I can, and to continue to inspire! I encourage you to find someone you can help bring the light of Christ to and to be the inspiration someone needs to come out of the darkness.



Inspiring Christmas Music

This song has been shared on social media sites and has been on the radio, but just in case you haven’t heard it, I wanted to share it with you.  This group of young people are using their God given talents in such a positive, beautiful way.  I find it amazing that the whole song is performed without any musical accompaniment.  Sit back, relax and listen to a little music that will uplift and inspire you.



Little Drummer Boy – Pentatonix