10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs!

The cold, ice and snow seem to have a strong grip on us this year here in Michigan and in many other parts of the country!  So if the weather is getting you down, I thought I would offer a helpful list of ways to distract yourself from the frigid temperatures and stir craziness of this winter.  So grab a hot cuppa something, browse this list and hopefully you will find something that inspires you and jolts you out of the Winter Blahs!

1. Haul out those old summer vacation photos, whether they be on your computer or in a photo book, and snuggle up on the sofa for a trip down memory lane!  Just looking at those photos of warm weather fun will bring a smile to your face and is a guaranteed feel good activity! Here is photo from my album of Little one enjoying the summer    4-H Fair!



2. Get your “reggae” on!  Tune in to some tropical music on Pandora or another on-line music station, close your eyes and dream of the summer days that will eventually come around again, or get up and DANCE to it! Here is one of my personal favorites!

3.Hop on Pinterest and do a search for Spring or Summer Fashion!  It is like window shopping, without having to leave your house or spend any money!  Here are a couple of my favorites:



4. Bring out the board games!  A good old fashioned game of Uno, Candy Land or Dominoes will distract you from the howling winds!


5. If the temperature permits, bundle yourself up and go for a walk.  The still, soft quietness of a winter day can give us a feeling of calm and peace. (Picture by Jules)


6. Follow that walk with a steaming hot cup of chocolate!  Go ahead and indulge, dark chocolate has been proven to offer some health benefits!  Here is a recipe for “Healthy Hot Chocolate”

7. Try to enjoy the TIME  these winter days give us.  Time with our families, to read a book, make a home cooked meal, watch a movie, do a craft, complete a project, or to just “be”.


8.If you’ve looked at all of the summer vacation photos, move on to home movies!  The kids will love watching themselves when they were “little”.  Maybe you could even record some new movies!


9. Doing something for someone else in need will ALWAYS make you feel better!


10. Finally, make a list of five things you are thankful for!  The cold, winter days won’t be able to keep you down if your mind is on the blessings in your life!


Hope you found something on the list to brighten your day!




DSC_8688I have to admit that I am a bit of an adventurer. Especially if I think I am going to capture a good picture. I think that I shared in the past how many back problems and ultimately surgery I experienced. After being in the hospital for four days, I went to the chiropractor and I said I will do anything you say without question to make this better and not have it happen again. He laughed…and said, “you will forget. You will get better and forget you said that.” I swore I wouldn’t!!

Today I wanted to see if the pictures that had been posted of the Lighthouses on Lake Michigan were “real.” So my trusty camera and I headed off. (Note the athletic shoes and lack of hat in this picture as I was so excited to go I left both in my hotel room.) Nothing was going to stop me though!! I was going to get some cool pictures (and I did)! First I didn’t see the “close” parking and probably walked a mile up the beach. The closer I got to the walkway going out to the lighthouse, the more excited I got as I could see ice balls, snow/sand drifts and HUGE ice piles and icicles!! (Did I also mention at this point that I also forgot to go to the bathroom before setting out on this adventure!!) It was beautiful and I started out towards the lighthouse at the end. The walk wasn’t easy, but I kept moving on. I wasn’t alone, there were a lot of other brave souls with cameras. The closer I got to the end, the more anxious I was to get there, and truthfully, forgot about having to go to the bathroom!! I got to the lighthouse and asked if it was worth getting around to the front…I was told YES!

There were mounds of ice…but I hadn’t come this far to stop. So I carefully….carefully started moving around the lighthouse which was pretty much solid ice. I have to laugh, because at the point I was crawling and sliding around the ice, my chiropractor’s words popped into my head!! I wanted to call him then and say, “you were right,”  but it was too dangerous. After crawling up and sliding down, getting pants and gloves wet….I was there! Yahoo, I had made it! I enjoyed watching the ducks dive and swim. It was probably one of the most awesome and craziest things I have done. (Please don’t tell my doctors!!!) I made it back safe and sound, a little wet, a little cold, and with some sore muscles, but it was worth every minute!

I think adventures are good for us. A little exploring, a little bit of “pushing” ourselves to do something different. I wish my sister could have been there with me. It would have made it complete and we could have had some good laughs. I encourage you to think about what adventure you could go on! I doesn’t have to be crawling over mounds of ice over Lake Michigan…but what could it be? Let us know what you pick!!

Living Frozen


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