Rocks and Black Walnuts!

Good evening readers!

A week or so ago I shared the story of my rock picking adventure. My co-worker Jeannine says that I am a woman of adventure. I do like to do things, there is no doubt about that, but sometimes my adventures get a little carried away.

I know my title seems a little strange. My point is, sometimes I think certain objects are out to get me……black walnuts and big rocks!!

When my daughter in Georgia got married a few years ago, we were checking in and I spotted these strange looking things on the ground. Now why I got out of the truck and picked it up is beyond me. Typically I would be too lazy to move. But, get out I did and not only picked it up, but started trying to peel it open to see what it was! My husband saw me and shouted, “what are you doing?!” Hey, I just wanted to see what it was. Little did I know that it was a black walnut, which he informed me is what stain is made of and won’t come off. I didn’t believe him. So I scrubbed and scrubbed, and I finally had to admit he was right! My daughter was getting married in two days and I had black stain on my palms, fingers and under my fingernails. I tried many many things and finally ended up soaking them in pure bleach which removed most of it!

Fast forward a year later. I love going for walks in the resort town where I work. I was walking along one day, enjoying the sunshine when all of a sudden….boom….I found myself flying through the air and landing on my bad knee of course! I figured I must have tripped on something and kept going. On the walk home I just happened to look down at where I fell and what did I see????? You guessed it…a black walnut. That sucker had sent me flying!! In case you are as innocent as I was….here is what a black walnut looks like.

black walnuts

This past weekend we spent the weekend in London, Kentucky with our friends DeWayne and Terri Spaw. They are very good tour guides and we’ve seen things that you just don’t know are there when you just travel south on 75. So we were going to see “Chain Rock.” Rocks????…I love rocks!!!! Let’s go see this thing! This was the view from the top before we hit the trail.


It was a warm sunny day, I had capris, tank top and sandals on. Hey, we were going to look at a rock. What he neglected to tell me was that in order to see this rock you had to hike about 3/8 of a mile down steps, slopes, rocks, over roots, etc. Yeah…the sandals were working really well. I was getting a little behind and told them to go ahead. I was doing great until I came to this big round rock. And I mean BIG. I looked at it wondering why my husband wouldn’t have waited to help me over it. I started climbing and realized my sandals were causing me big problems. I decided to kick them off and go barefeet. Well, the first one went sliding down the rock and down the hill. If you’ve seen the movie Wild, where she loses a shoe, that’s exactly what was going through my mind!!


I left it and figured the guys had long enough arms to reach it. I move on to the REALLY BIG rock. I slowly made my way to the top, feeling safe and sound. DeWayne was brave enough to climb out to the end of the chained rock. I stayed where I was until it was time to go. You can see the chain that holds the rock! It is protecting the city of Pineville from destruction!!! Also you can see the surface of the rock I slipped on….not a lot of grippers there!


DSC_9030DSC_9013 DSC_9048DSC_9019



Still in my bare feet. My husband said to follow him, but it didn’t look safe. So I decided to go my own way. Mistake!! I’m still not quite sure how it happened but I ended up on my stomach sliding down, desperately trying to grip something with my hands. I had no idea where I would end up if I didn’t stop. Somehow my foot must have caught something, because suddenly I stopped! Whew! (Reminded me of the time I slipped into the Tahquamenon River, but that is another story for another day!) THIS time I listened to my husband and followed him down to the bottom.

Needless to say I had bruises and scrapes, and bumps, but nothing serious. I’m still paying for it, but I’m ok! Now seriously…something I LOVE so much (rocks) would do this to me?!?! I’ve now decided to stick with the small rocks I can hold in my hand from now on. But hey, it was an adventure, and like Jeannine said….I’m a woman of adventure!

If you ever get a chance to visit “Chain Rock” I would advise you wear the proper clothing, shoes etc. and be careful! It was an awesome view!

Till next time!



The Scale – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

the scaleAnybody else feel this way when they step on the scale? I have been a member of Weight Watchers for a little over 3 years now. Trust me, that scale has been a huge part of my life for a long time, actually way way longer than just 3 years. Some days it makes me happy, some days it makes me sad, some days it makes me angry, and some days, well frankly, some days I just pretend it isn’t there!! I use the scale for accountability. Apparently I need this electronic object to tell me how I’m doing or what I should change. It can evoke joy, hope and failure.

I have been thinking a lot about this lately. While the scale can be a useful tool, does it really say anything about who I am? Does it register when I’ve been a good wife, mother, grandmother, employee or friend? Does it tell me when I’ve been kind and helpful? Can it see into my heart and see a love for Jesus, my family, friends and my dogs??

You see, my friends. The scale is giving us a number, it says nothing about our character or who we really are, so why are we buying into it so much. I think we would much better serve ourselves if we focused on feeding our bodies the best quality and healthiest food we can. Because we want to care for ourselves, we want to give ourselves good food. And exercise…should it be torture? Or should it be a good brisk walk in the sunshine and fresh air, maybe with a friend or your dog. Or how about hiking, kayaking, swimming, playing sports, just having fun moving the bodies God gave us. Why must we make it all seem so hard. I think if we really start to value ourselves as wonderful human beings and practice good self care, maybe that number on the scale will just take care of itself. I for one don’t want it to have such an affect on me. I want to make changes because I like feeling better, healthier, stronger and more energetic. Don’t get me wrong, I also love the smaller clothes, the complements and the sense of accomplishment! I’ve made some great friends at Weight Watchers and I will never stop attending meetings. That’s just who I am. I need their feedback, their pep talks and the encouragement of friends. I like sharing their successes and them sharing mine. But the scales…I’m ready to stop letting them stress me out and start practicing what I preach….self care, being nice to ourselves and doing things we love. Now that will bring success!! Good luck on whatever path you take!