We are halfway through the week!  I hope it has been a good one so far!

I recently read something in  Guideposts Daily Devotional that really struck a chord with me.  The author of the devotion talked about something J.R.R. Tolkien once wrote, that one aspect of God’s image in us is our ability to create.  To me this was a really interesting and inspiring thought.  Genesis 1:27 talks about us being created in God’s image and to think that our ability to create is part of that image is a very exciting idea!

I have always loved to write, draw, paint and craft.  Maybe it is a mid-life crisis (ha!), but recently I have felt the need to find more time to work on the crafts and projects that bring me peace and joy.  Jules has written before about finding or making time for a hobby and I think it is great advice!  So one of my New Year’s resolutions is to find time each week to do something creatively.  As you might remember reading in a  previous post, Jules is a “stoner” or rock collector.  She has bags and bags and boxes of rocks!

She has convinced me that painting these rocks is a lot of fun and so I’ve been trying it out and she is RIGHT !(shh-don’t tell her I said so!)  It was fun and relaxing. We ordered gel pens from Amazon for painting and they come in lots of fun colors.   Here are some pictures of some of my recent attempts.




So how about you?  Do you enjoy expressing your creative side?  What hobbies do you enjoy?  If you haven’t tried rock painting, I would highly recommend it.

Have a great week and remember to find some time to do something that brings you peace and joy!




Just a Couple of Dreamers


So Jules and I have been accused of being just “a couple of dreamers” or having our heads in the clouds.  There is some truth to this, we do like to dream and plan and conspire! That is one of the many things I love about my sister,  we can openly share our dreams with each other and know that we won’t be judged.  In fact one dream may lead to another dream and the next thing you know we are writing a blog together!  We have been doing this for years, just ask our family about the flip flops we made and sold!  Some of our dreams have been better than others.

I recently read an article in Guideposts, which is a wonderful inspirational magazine started by Norman Vincent Peale, author of  The Power of Positive Thinking.  The story was by Dolly Parton and it was titled, “Dolly’s Dreams”.  A quote from this article really resonated with me.

“There is a difference between a wish and a dream.  You can sit around and wish for good things to happen to you, but a dream is something you have to pursue, something you make happen.”…”You’ve got to be responsible for your dreams.  You’ve got to take care of them the way you take care of your children, protect them, say no to people who want to remake them their own way.”…”Because most of all, you have to trust him (God) with your dreams.  Maybe he’s got something planned that’s even better than you expect.” Dolly Parton- Guideposts, June 2014

I can’t imagine living my life without dreaming.  I think this quote sums it up nicely, you can’t just sit around and wait for your dreams to come true, you have to do something, take that next step to make it happen.   Thinking of ideas and dreaming makes me feel excited about all of the possibilities out there!

I know Jules and I are not done dreaming, in fact we have already been talking about plans for expanding our blog.  I think it might be in our DNA, we are the daughters of one of the biggest dreamers I have ever known.  I am dedicating this blog entry to our Dad who went home to be with the Lord twenty-six years ago on June 13th.  He was a true inspiration and pursued many dreams in a life that ended too young.  From starting his own business to opening a hometown newspaper or flying his own plane and many other adventures, there was never a dull moment.  We miss you Dad!

What about you?  Is there a special dream you have tucked away in the back of your mind?  I encourage to to take one tiny step today toward pursuing that dream!