IMG_3534Good Morning!

Remember these two cuties I shared back in January who weighed in at 4 Lbs 6 oz and 4 lbs 13 oz? Well, my have they grown. I call them my “Georgia Peaches” as they live in Georgia. I have always tried to make it a rule that my children should not have my grandchildren out of state. However, my daughter doesn’t seem to care for that rule. I understand. Her family is established in careers and friends and life. But it doesn’t mean I don’t miss them being closer. My grandchildren are my prides and joys and I miss these two so much! I was thinking the other day though, that while I’ve spent a fair amount of time whining that I can’t see them as often as I want, that when I do see them it is solid quality time. I’m learning to appreciate the time I do have with them. While I see my local grandchildren a couple of times a week, when I get to spend time with these two, well it is long term quality time. And because of the beauty of Facetime I still get to “see” them weekly. So the word for the day is appreciation. We may not always get things exactly the way we want, but learning to appreciate things the way we have them can be a lot  more relaxing. It doesn’t mean I don’t miss them, but I sure do appreciate every minute I get to be with them. How about you? Anything in your life that you may have forgot to be appreciating?



Comfort to Future Empty Nesters!

empty nest


Ahh….spring, flowers blooming, temperatures rising, and graduation! Mine are long graduated, but over the last couple of weeks I’ve been seeing pictures, hearing about the tears flowing and watching all the graduations. It is a glorious time. (For some of us like me, it was like a miracle performed by Jesus himself when I saw that a certain child of mine actually did graduate!!!)

Now I know some of you out there are just slightly panicking over what might be your last child graduating, you may be wishing this summer to go by slooooow, so that you get that lovely graduate to yourself for yet a little bit longer. I am here to give you HOPE!!! The Empty Next Syndrome is very short lived. I’m telling you this….EMBRACE it…you might think it is forever, it isn’t. As these lovely young graduates grow and mature, eventually they will find that special someone. Ok, now you can get back into business…wedding planning, showers, etc etc…you feel for a bit that you have them back…especially if its a daughter. Then the wedding is over, and there is the let down again…but wait, do not fear…its not over, because those lovely graduates start giving you GRANDCHILDREN!!!! Now that, that is the biggest reward of all….this is what you have been waiting for all of these years. Now guess what…you get to do the kid thing all over again, but without any of the responsibility. Our lives are now full with basketball games, volleyball games, softball, baseball, dance and all of those special school things. See, you only lose this for a little while. Again, instead of making friends with your kids friends, you are making friends with you grandchildren’s grandparents. It’s just a big circle. And relationships with grandchildren…they are so special. Technology has helped that a lot. Last night before bedtime I was texting with my 12 year old granddaughter. She shares a lot of things with me that she doesn’t always tell her parents. She also feels comfortable enough to vent about “my son” and what he is doing!!! LOL…they used to tell me to spank him!

So there you have it! Remember, it doesn’t end with graduation, you are just getting a well deserved break until those grandchildren come along. Now some of you may be thinking, well I don’t have kids, so what’s in it for me. Nieces, nephews, there are a lot of kids young and old that need a positive adult in their life. My 8 year old niece requested a meeting the other day to talk about a sleepover…just priceless.

So celebrate those graduations, and then enjoy your little break…trust me, it will all be worth it!!