To start off with, I would appreciate some prayers for Jules, she has been down for the count with a bad case of  pneumonia.  She is doing better, but it is slow going.


I recently had the opportunity to get together with some friends I used to teach with years ago.  We all carpooled to work together and oh the conversations we used to have in that 30 minute drive!  I think it was better than therapy!  We usually only see each other once a year, but you wouldn’t know it when we get together because we never run out of things to talk about.  When we first met, we were all at different life stages.  We ranged from a new college graduate (me) to a Mom starting a new family, and a Mom with high schoolers.  Despite these differences, we hit it off and have been close friends for over twenty years!  Now I am the one with kids, one is a recent empty nester, and one a grandma.

What a gift from God friends are!  I have been blessed with so many dear friends throughout my life. I have  my family including Mom, my brother, sister, sister-in-law, nieces and nephews, childhood friends, college friends, work friends, friends from our military days, playgroups and neighbors that have become friends.  It isn’t always easy to keep in touch with all of them, but I really try my best because these connections, these people are so important to me.  Each has brought something special to my life.

Social media has made re-connecting with friends a little easier, but there is still nothing better than seeing a friend in person.  When I got together with my friends over tea and treats, I could give them a hug, hear their laughter, see their smiles and look into their eyes and I felt really happy!  Sometimes it is hard to coordinate schedules and make it work, but I never regret getting together with friends.  It makes me feel alive, connected and joyful!

So whatever life stage you are in, I encourage you to nurture your current friendships and be on the lookout for new friendships.  That person sitting in the next cubicle, the new neighbor or classmate may have the potential to become a lifetime friend!

We haven’t shared any music in a while and this is one of my favorites with the theme of friends by Michael W. Smith: