Of Women and Horses

Women and horses photo

A strange stillness dwells

In the eye of the horse,

A composure that appears

To regard the world from

A measured distance…

It is a gaze from the depths

Of a dream…

¬†……Hans-Heinrich Isenbart

Horses have been a part of my life since I was a small child. My grandfather who lived next door always had horses. When my children were old enough we had horses and enjoyed years of 4-H horse shows, high school equestrian and trail riding. While we no longer have the horses, my love for them has not faded. This past weekend we visited some old friends who are part of our local Sheriff Posse. They were camping and trail riding. It reminded me of a book that I have called “Of Women and Horses.” This book is an array of stories of horsewomen from all disciplines who in touching prose describe the unique relationships they have with their horses. I would like to share just a few excerpts from this book that tell about that special bond that women and horses have. This book was put together by a man named GaWaNi Pony Boy. I have seen him do a couple of workshops and he also works magic! I hope you enjoy this little selection of stories I chose. Oh and the picture below is Jen and our grandpa…I adored him more than the horses!!! But it was a gift he shared with us and we were blessed.

Grandpa and horse



“The Eyes of a Little Girl”

by Patricia M. Doenniq

“I think it is safe to say that the fascination most women have with horses started when they were little girls. Little girls and horses; there is an unexplainable and almost mystical connection. What is it about the horse that is so fascinating to young girls? I don’t think there is any one answer. It’s a combination of factors, not the least of which is the beauty, strength, mystery and sense of adventure that surrounds this beautiful creature. Add all of this to the concept of sharing friendship companionship, love and experiences with an animal playmate, and I think you have the essence of the attraction.”

Devyn and Baily

Horses are Reflections of Women

by Barbra Schulte

“After devoting much thought to the subject of the special bond that exists between women and horses, I’ve come up with four realms, or reasons, for this phenomenon. First, I think that women and horses are kindred spirits. In my experience, the horse has a unique way of perceiving the world. Horses are nurturing and I believe that they are wise about relationships. Horses represent what makes a woman a woman, the way we perceive the world, our spirit. Those things that make them kindred spirits are nurturing and both are wise about relationships. “

Deann and horse

“God’s Gift to Women”

by Lanie Frick

“There is a special phenomenon that occurs between women and horses. Women seek spiritual, uplifting experiences and horses willingly facilitate this quest. Women generally are patient, good listeners, and are eager to be heard. Horses want to communicate and are willing to listen. They appreciate a calm gentle hand absent any agenda. Women recognize what horses offer, and horses respond to that recognition. When a girl or woman rides a horse and the bond between them is strong, she feels that nothing is impossible. She becomes the Princess, the Knight, the Warrior, the Messenger of Nature. Whatever her dreams, they become clear and attainable. Horses give us so much: power, strength, speed, mobility, freedom, and independence. They expand our vision of what is possible, help us develop our self-confidence and facilitate the discovery of our oneness in nature.”