God Sightings

As Jules mentioned in her post last week, we celebrated my Uncle Claude’s 90th birthday this weekend.  It was a spectacular, sunny, warm September day  filled with lots of good food, laughs and family time!  Here is the whole group trying to pose for a picture! (Notice I said “trying”!)


It was one of those perfect days that will be fondly remembered, and gives me a warm-fuzzy feeling inside!  On days like this, filled with family, love , laughter and beautiful weather, it is easy to remember how richly God has blessed my life.  The blessings are crystal clear!

Other days, it is much harder to see those blessings.  Days filled with stress, problems or large issues that bear down on us and make it hard to be thankful.  It is on these days that we need to cling to God even more and really take the time to look for blessings and miracles, because they are there-every-single-day!  God sightings surround us each day and it becomes easier to notice them if we try to  “live with our eyes wide open”.  I’m working on living this way, especially on the more challenging days.  It can be pretty amazing to see God’s hand in situations in our lives.  Sometimes He reveals things to us in the most surprising ways!

As we drove home from Uncle Claude’s party, the setting sun made the landscape look golden.  I wanted to remember this beautiful sunset, on this memorable day so I pulled over and hopped out of my car and took this picture.  Look at it carefully-can you see the God Sighting?


Did you notice the shape of a cross in the middle of the picture by the tall tree!  I was so surprised when I looked at this picture later!  In my opinion, this was God sealing a perfect day with the ultimate sign of His love for us!

I pray that you will have many God Sightings this week!  We would love to hear about them in the comments section!