We are halfway through the week!  I hope it has been a good one so far!

I recently read something in  Guideposts Daily Devotional that really struck a chord with me.  The author of the devotion talked about something J.R.R. Tolkien once wrote, that one aspect of God’s image in us is our ability to create.  To me this was a really interesting and inspiring thought.  Genesis 1:27 talks about us being created in God’s image and to think that our ability to create is part of that image is a very exciting idea!

I have always loved to write, draw, paint and craft.  Maybe it is a mid-life crisis (ha!), but recently I have felt the need to find more time to work on the crafts and projects that bring me peace and joy.  Jules has written before about finding or making time for a hobby and I think it is great advice!  So one of my New Year’s resolutions is to find time each week to do something creatively.  As you might remember reading in a  previous post, Jules is a “stoner” or rock collector.  She has bags and bags and boxes of rocks!

She has convinced me that painting these rocks is a lot of fun and so I’ve been trying it out and she is RIGHT !(shh-don’t tell her I said so!)  It was fun and relaxing. We ordered gel pens from Amazon for painting and they come in lots of fun colors.   Here are some pictures of some of my recent attempts.




So how about you?  Do you enjoy expressing your creative side?  What hobbies do you enjoy?  If you haven’t tried rock painting, I would highly recommend it.

Have a great week and remember to find some time to do something that brings you peace and joy!




Doodling the Day Away!

Hi folks,

As many of you know I have been “stuck” home recovering from what was supposed to be a simple procedure. I’m pretty much confined to sitting and doing nothing. I’ve spent a LOT of time on Pinterest and came across some drawing directions and thought it looked kind of fun. Now I consider myself crafty, but drawing has always been my brother and sisters thing, but hey, I’m sitting here…why not try. I have  supplies for probably any craft anyone would want to do (seriously, I have a LOT of stuff!!) so all it involved was gathering a few things from the craft room. Of course, the first thing I would need is a sketch pad!!

Drawing for blog 2(Ok, so I had to raid the grand-kids stuff…but hey, bunny or not, it worked!)

I have lots of markers so I gathered them and went to the directions for drawing flowers, shapes, etc. I discovered it was really fun doing it step by step. The more I practiced and drew, the more relaxed I felt and was really enjoying it!!

Drawing for blog 5

Drawing 1 for blogDrawing for blog 3

I must admit…I kind of amazed myself that I could make the drawing look like something!! I like drawing birds, but I found as simple as they looked, it took some practice!!

Ok…so more looking around on Pinterest and I found a pin about hand coloring stamped objects. You betcha, I have all of that…so gathering supplies I go…(still same bunny sketch book!!)

Drawing for blog 6It was fun picking colors and filling it in. At first my sister thought I had drawn it…sorry sister, my talent hasn’t gotten that amazing with a couple of drawing lessons!! But…she challenged me to try it on my own, and I did!!

Drawing for blog 4Well…even I must admit not bad for a first try…hmmm…maybe I can draw! Maybe my own mind has been setting unrealistic limits.

How often do we do that to ourselves? Say we can’t do something that we have never even tried! Quite self defeating behaviors I would say! So I pushed myself out of a zone of “I can’t do that”and actually discovered a new hobby!!!! What might you have wanted to try and thought you couldn’t. It doesn’t have to be drawing. It could be crafting, cooking, sewing, photography, some new exercise…anything…there are NO limits. I challenge each and every one of our readers to dig deep, find that new hobby or interest and share it with us! We love to hear from you!

Happy Friday,


Crafting Inspiration!

I saw this project several months ago on Pinterest pinned from Crafts Unleashed. I bought all the materials and well, they have sat in my closet for months!! So today I tackled the project “Beach in a Box.” I used my own picture taken from one of my favorite places in the world, Lexington, Michigan. I spend many work breaks walking out on that harbor, so when I look at this box it brings me right back to summer!

Materials Needed:

Wooden Hinged Box

Mod Podge or Decoupage

Dark Brown Craft Paint

Light Grey Craft Paint

Foam Brushes

Miniature Garden Tools, Metal Pail, Flip Flops, Wagon, Bench (anything you want really…you can find these miniatures at Hobby Lobby by the doll house stuff.

Vacation Photo


Small Screwdriver

Paper Napkins












I first removed all of the hardware to make it easier to paint. In order to make the box look a little bit more like driftwood I painted the entire box a dark brown color. Before it was completely dry I went over it with light gray. Before that dries take a paper napkin and rub paint off in different spots, especially on the edges where it would naturally be worn away. Let all dry.
















When the box is dry, start on the inside by giving the lid a coat of Mod Podge or decoupage. Make sure your picture has been trimmed to size first.







Adhere your photo to the lid. Be sure and smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles and allow to dry completely. (I missed this direction and immediately put a coat over the picture and got bubbles….so LET IT DRY FIRST!!

When dry, apply a coat over the top of the photo. Try to get the brushstrokes even. ( Don’t worry, that milky look disappears as it dries.)







Allow the box to dry completely.

I sealed the rest of the box with decoupage as but this is optional.

Add your sand….as much as you like. I really like playing in the sand, so mine is deep.







Final step is adding your miniatures, and there you have it!! A Beach in a Box. I plan on taking mine to my office for the times when I just need to relax a little.













Have fun with this project, find some inspiration and most of all have fun!!