The Organization Tip That Saved My Sanity and My Marriage!

We are now into our second week of the school year and it has been non-stop!  Our calendar is already filling up with school open houses, music lessons, church activities, family commitments and on and on and on!  It can be a bit overwhelming to say the least!

A few years ago Hubby and I found ourselves having a lot of little arguments over things related to the activities in our lives. I would tell him in passing about a birthday party or school event that was coming up and he may or may not have been completely listening and then I would get mad later when he claimed I never told him about the event.  So Hubby and I came up with a system that solved many of our communication issues that revolved around the busy calendar.  We decided to designate a time every week that we call “Calendar Time”.  This one simple thing has literally changed our lives on a day to day basis!  No more panicked calls wondering where he is because we have an event or unpleasant surprises when we realize that someone is not available to pick up someone from somewhere!

We set aside an hour each Sunday after church and we sit down together with our individual calendars and our family calendar.  We have set up some very strict rules with the girls about not interrupting us during this time.  I make myself some tea, and Hubby grabs a snack and we go through the week together and sync our calendars.  It looks like this:


IMG_2861     We are pretty low-tech as you can see, but it works for us!   This allows us to decide who will be in charge of what and helps us catch any potential conflicts that may arise.  At the end of our Calendar Time, we ask Oldest Daughter to join us to add anything that might be going on with her that week that we might not know about and we fill her in on anything she needs to know pertaining to the week.  Sometimes we will look a few weeks ahead, and as the holiday season approaches we will try to plan out those activities too.  Finally, we have a dry erase color coded calendar (each person has their own color) by the back door where we record all of the events for the whole family to see.

This simple organization strategy has greatly reduced our weekly stress, strengthened our communication skills and made everything flow more smoothly overall.  Probably my favorite part of Calendar Time is at the end where we pray for our family and the week ahead.  It allows us to pray for each other, the girls and the specific needs of that week.

How about you?  How do you organize your family schedules?  I would love to hear any tips and tricks you have as we are always trying to improve in this area.

Wishing you a happy, blessed and organized week!