The Great Gingerbread House War!!

It is not secret in our family that there is a strong vein of competitiveness running through. Every year after Christmas my sister and I do some bargain shopping and buy gingerbread houses for the next season. Doesn’t matter what kind or where they come from, but one for every kid. This year things were hectic and busy with all of the health stuff going on and we just hadn’t gotten around to doing them. The day before celebrating with my siblings and mom I mentioned maybe we should have a gingerbread building competition. Oh my gosh!!! They jumped on it…and by they I mean the “big boys”, my brother, son, and son in law!! So Sunday comes and it’s time. I get out all of the gingerbread houses and start dividing them among the teams. Seriously, you would have thought the world had stopped revolving!! They were different kits!!! So I had to hear things like, “not on equal ground, theirs is bigger, easier than ours. We don’t have as many supplies. We are missing parts! It went on and on…and mind you, this was the adults!!! And rules…they were such sticklers for rules that at one point my brother ate their tissue smoke stack just to prove their whole house was edible!!! I must say it was a blast, and we will repeat it next year. There were just a “few” sore losers and they were quick to point out some stricter rules for next year!!! Well, nothing like a little healthy competition to make a lot of memories and bring a lot of laughs.

Merry Christmas


DSC_6255 DSC_6256 DSC_6266 - Copy DSC_6268 DSC_6283 DSC_6285AND THE GRAND PRIZE WINNER IS………………………….