A Few Favorites

Favorite Things


I’m pretty excited because in just four days I get to go to Georgia to spend Easter with my little southern grandchildren!! This started me thinking about how Georgia has become one of my FAVORITE places to visit!

So, I started thinking about other favorites and thought if I shared mine, maybe you would share yours. Let’s give it a try.

1. Favorite childhood book: A Wrinkle in Time

2. Favorite adult book: The bible (always find the answer to anything there!)

3. Favorite movie: The Sound of Music followed very very closely by Dances with Wolves. The last line of that movie still gets me!

4. Favorite sports team: Hmmmm…is there any other team than the Michigan State Spartans!

5. Favorite coach: Toss up here, Tom Izzo, Mark Dantonio or Al DeMott! Sorry, can’t narrow this to one.

6. Favorite song: This may sound silly, but it is “Hit the Road Jack” because my dad used to sing it all the time, and when I want to think of my dad, I sing that song.

7. Favorite food: Ice Cream….with chunks of chocolate and peanut butter and any other thing they would like to throw in. (This was hard…I have a lot of favorite foods!

8. Favorite recording artist: Jimmy Buffett’s yellow CD…can never remember the name of it…but it’s yellow! (Closely followed by DeWayne Spaw and Ann Murray.

9. Favorite holiday: Christmas!

10. Favorite drink: Coffee with cream

11. Favorite outdoor activity: Kayaking

12. Favorite Television show: Law and Order: SVU

13. Favorite sport: Anything my grandchildren are playing in!

14. Favorite thing to collect: Rocks

15. Favorite thing to do in the summer: Go to the beach!!


Ok…that’s what I’ve come up with for now! Your turn!






Christmas Moments to Treasure

Hi All,

It has been a busy month with Christmas preparations and the celebration of Little One’s 9th birthday.  I can’t believe it is Christmas Eve already!  As I was laying awake early this morning and thinking of all of the things I had to do today, the idea for this blog post came to me.

I was thinking how every year I wait and every year it happens, that special Christmas feeling!  Sometimes it comes earlier than others, but it always comes, that special moment when it really feels like Christmas!  For me this year, it was yesterday.  I had a mile long list of things to do and at the top of the list was baking and preparing treats for our Christmas parties.  My Mom arrived yesterday to stay with us and I was so happy to have her here with us.  She dug in and got right to work helping me and Little One bake up a storm!  Oldest, unfortunately had her wisdom teeth out and wasn’t up for baking this year.

In the middle of the baking mess, I was starting to feel  little stressed that I was running out of time and energy when I glanced back and saw this:


And that is when it hit me, the Christmas feeling!  I realized it didn’t matter if I didn’t finish any of the baking or how it all turned out.  It was this time together with my Mom and my daughter that was the cherished outcome of this day!  I took a minute to soak in the feeling, how thankful I was to have my Mom here with me baking when just a year ago she was enduring some major medical struggles.  To have Oldest recovering and doing well.   To have my family with me, whole and healthy and happy, I am so thankful.  That special, wondrous feeling washed over me and I could feel the Christmas Spirit come alive!

So this Christmas Eve, I write to you with a full and grateful heart for all of the blessings in my life and reflecting on the biggest gift of all, the miracle of the Baby Jesus, born to us this night.  May all of you have an abundance of the  Christmas “feeling” this year and I wish you a Christmas filled with peace and love.

~Merry Christmas,


Repurpose Your Christmas Cards


Most of you are probably starting to pack away your Christmas decorations, which might include Christmas cards you received.  Every year I enjoy hearing from family and friends, but wonder what to do with the beautiful cards when the Christmas season is over.

A couple of years ago I decided to save the cards and each night before we say our dinner prayer, Little One chooses a card from the stack and we include that family in our prayers.  It is a great way to keep loved ones in our thoughts and prayers all year.  If we finish the stack, we just start over until we get new ones the next Christmas season.

How about you?  Do you have any fun and creative way to re-use Christmas cards?  We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!



Merry Christmas!

We want to take a moment to wish all of our faithful readers a very Merry Christmas!  What a special and blessed time of year.  I wanted to share a picture Little One drew.  It is through the eyes of  a child that we can really see the simplicity of the message God wants us to know, He sent His one and only Son for us because he loves us.

LizaI also know that Christmas can be very hard for those who have lost loved ones.  I read this devotional in the Upper Room this morning, if you are missing someone you love, I hope you find comfort in these words.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas filled with peace, hope and love!





Look Up



Is anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed with the busyness of this time of year?  Christmas is one week away and I have been feeling like I have not had time to quiet my soul and reflect on the true meaning of  Christmas.  With Mom’s health issues earlier this month and Little One having back to back illnesses, I have been very busy just getting through each day.

One thing I have always liked to do on Christmas Eve after the kids are tucked in for the night is to look out the window at the winter night sky and gaze at the stars and remember that first Christmas night.  I feel so close to God and am filled with a deep sense of peace as I look at the stars.

If I wait for life to settle down before I take time to focus on the meaning of Christmas, it might pass me by.  So I’m not going to wait!  In the midst of my busy life, I’m going to take some time out this week to slow down and reflect on this glorious season and what an amazing gift God gave us that Christmas Eve so many years ago-Baby Jesus.  Even before Christmas Eve arrives, I want to slip away and look up at the night sky and feel God’s presence.  I also want to take the time to share God’s love with others this Christmas season.

So if you are feeling frazzled and anxious, I urge you to take some time to bundle up, step outside, look up and feel the peace of the quiet night sky calm you and the miracle of Christmas fill your heart with hope and joy!




Inspiring Christmas Music

This song has been shared on social media sites and has been on the radio, but just in case you haven’t heard it, I wanted to share it with you.  This group of young people are using their God given talents in such a positive, beautiful way.  I find it amazing that the whole song is performed without any musical accompaniment.  Sit back, relax and listen to a little music that will uplift and inspire you.



Little Drummer Boy – Pentatonix