Look Up



Is anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed with the busyness of this time of year?  Christmas is one week away and I have been feeling like I have not had time to quiet my soul and reflect on the true meaning of  Christmas.  With Mom’s health issues earlier this month and Little One having back to back illnesses, I have been very busy just getting through each day.

One thing I have always liked to do on Christmas Eve after the kids are tucked in for the night is to look out the window at the winter night sky and gaze at the stars and remember that first Christmas night.  I feel so close to God and am filled with a deep sense of peace as I look at the stars.

If I wait for life to settle down before I take time to focus on the meaning of Christmas, it might pass me by.  So I’m not going to wait!  In the midst of my busy life, I’m going to take some time out this week to slow down and reflect on this glorious season and what an amazing gift God gave us that Christmas Eve so many years ago-Baby Jesus.  Even before Christmas Eve arrives, I want to slip away and look up at the night sky and feel God’s presence.  I also want to take the time to share God’s love with others this Christmas season.

So if you are feeling frazzled and anxious, I urge you to take some time to bundle up, step outside, look up and feel the peace of the quiet night sky calm you and the miracle of Christmas fill your heart with hope and joy!




Just another manic Sunday!!

chaos Just another


I do it to myself. I must admit this-I over schedule, wait till the last minute, try and pack a months worth of fun into one day.  I love my kids. Really I do. Every single one of them!! And trust me, I’m not complaining…(I don’t think)!! But I will admit, yesterday I sent my sister a text that read something like this…”Help me, I am in a zoo and can’t get out!!!” I had two youngest daughters and their families here (which includes a 4 month old and 17 month old) (4 month old not feeling well) (=intermittent screaming), bored 17 month old who can’t stay settled in anything, tired, falling down, crying (see where this is going). But I love them all, I really do!!! (Did I mention the two barking, shedding wanting to go in and out, Golden Retrievers and the Schnauzer puppy who hasn’t quite caught on to the house training thing!!) So add to this mix 11 year old twins who are trying to work on last minute 4-H Fair craft projects, (my fault, we have had all year to do this). Did I mention these 11 year old don’t have a lot of patience and get frustrated when things don’t turn out picture perfect!!!???? (Picture tooth picks and beads flying across the room) (Picture grandma making them find them because of babies and puppy!!!) Did I mention we went to church and I fixed two meals in the middle of all of this!!! My mom showed up at one point and then suddenly…she was just gone…I have no idea why!! I remember at one point making eye contact with my husband who wearily said…”we did have a little peace and quiet there for awhile didn’t we?” That may have been the point I started thinking that going to work sounded relaxing!

Now where is the inspiration you ask?? Isn’t this an inspirational website??? Well, the answer is yes. Today I am inspired to stop procrastinating, to stop over extending myself and to go to the beach!! Truth be told though…I probably wouldn’t trade a minute of any of it. We made memories yesterday. And at the end of the day my granddaughter gave me a hug and thanked me for helping her with her projects. They are my inspirations…every child and grandchild I have…and while I TRULY understand now when my mom used to say “it’s good to see them come, and it’s good to see them go,” I don’t plan on changing much of anything any time soon.

Enjoy your families, chaos and all. Be grateful. I know some aren’t near as lucky as I am. Chaos and all, I think I will keep them!!

Happy Monday!