Sometimes it’s Just the Little Things

Flower for blog I recently returned home from Atlanta where I had been visiting my youngest grandchildren. I am a VERY involved grandmother and it is really hard having them so far away. So facing my first day back to  work was a little depressing. I have been working hard to attract some birds to my yard after my cats chased them all away a few years. I had a few precious minutes before my mad rush to get out the door (seriously, I don’t know why I do that to myself, but I do…every day!!) so I grabbed my camera and quietly sat on the front porch. It was really beautiful out there this morning. I did snap a few pictures of the birds, but then I turned the camera lens to the flowers. This is what I got. For some reason I just loved it. So beautiful and simple. It inspired me to go out and have a beautiful day despite being a little tired and a little melancholy. Some days that’s all we can do! Hope you enjoy.




A Love Story

I know some of you are familiar with the Tripp Halstead story. I have been following it on Facebook for a very long time now. This is the story of a beautiful little boy and the never ending love and commitment of his parents.

love Tripp Halstead story baby

Almost a year ago on October 29, Tripp was playing on the playground at daycare and a huge limb fell out of a very high tree. It fell on his head and crushed his skull into many pieces. They took him to Winder-Barrow hospital and then flew him to Egleston Childrens hospital in Atlanta.

This is an excerpt from their website teamboom: (!our-story/c7h5) As soon as we got there, they let us see him. He looked perfect. No blood, no cuts, he looked so peaceful. Then the Dr started telling us how bad it was, and it took me some time to realize they were saying he could die. It was a slice to my heart and soul. So the next few hours after that were a total blur. When I dropped my happy, perfect boy off at daycare that morning, it might of been the last time I saw his smile or his eyes open or him awake. I will never take another day with my baby for granted. [Read more…]