A Few Favorites

Favorite Things


I’m pretty excited because in just four days I get to go to Georgia to spend Easter with my little southern grandchildren!! This started me thinking about how Georgia has become one of my FAVORITE places to visit!

So, I started thinking about other favorites and thought if I shared mine, maybe you would share yours. Let’s give it a try.

1. Favorite childhood book: A Wrinkle in Time

2. Favorite adult book: The bible (always find the answer to anything there!)

3. Favorite movie: The Sound of Music followed very very closely by Dances with Wolves. The last line of that movie still gets me!

4. Favorite sports team: Hmmmm…is there any other team than the Michigan State Spartans!

5. Favorite coach: Toss up here, Tom Izzo, Mark Dantonio or Al DeMott! Sorry, can’t narrow this to one.

6. Favorite song: This may sound silly, but it is “Hit the Road Jack” because my dad used to sing it all the time, and when I want to think of my dad, I sing that song.

7. Favorite food: Ice Cream….with chunks of chocolate and peanut butter and any other thing they would like to throw in. (This was hard…I have a lot of favorite foods!

8. Favorite recording artist: Jimmy Buffett’s yellow CD…can never remember the name of it…but it’s yellow! (Closely followed by DeWayne Spaw and Ann Murray.

9. Favorite holiday: Christmas!

10. Favorite drink: Coffee with cream

11. Favorite outdoor activity: Kayaking

12. Favorite Television show: Law and Order: SVU

13. Favorite sport: Anything my grandchildren are playing in!

14. Favorite thing to collect: Rocks

15. Favorite thing to do in the summer: Go to the beach!!


Ok…that’s what I’ve come up with for now! Your turn!