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10 Ways to Build Your Self Esteem

self esteem

1. Be nice to yourself; this means taking care of all basic needs every day and never using negativity or name calling to yourself.

2. Use positive affirmations every day. Things such as, “I am worthwhile, I matter, I love myself, I am important. I encourage you to do these in from of a mirror 2 or 3 times a day.

3. Accept compliments by simply saying, “thank you.”

4. Find somewhere to volunteer. I guarantee it will make you feel better.

5. Find a cheerleader; someone who will support you and help you realize that you matter. Someone who will continually encourage you.

6. Do something nice for yourself every day. A hot bath, a good book, a walk, it can be anything of your choosing that is just for youl

7. Explore new things. Make a list of everything you’ve ever wanted to do. Separate the list into two columns. One is things I could do right now, the other is things I hope eventually to do. It could be joining a club, organization, etc., taking a class, finding a new hobby, even if you find you don’t like what you’ve tried, that’s okay. Remember this is the exploring stage.

8. Always remember that you always pick yourself up. Even if you feel like you failed, if you are still working on it, that means you got back up as many times as you failed.

9. Surround yourself with positive people. You become who you spend the most time with. Make sure it is good things.

10. Every night write down 5 things you were grateful for that day. It can be big or small. Even something as simple as the sun was out.

This is a start. I hope that you will try working on some of these things. Too many people don’t believe they are worthy or equal to others. I am here to tell you that is a big lie. You do matter, you are important and you deserve the best.

Take care,


Just For The Fun of It!

Last night I took some time to do something just for the fun of it, and I had a blast!  It wasn’t easy, it involved  a little pre-planning for arranging kid swaps with the Mister, making dinner ahead and making sure things were all set at home, but I made it happen.  Jules is always saying how important it is to take some time for self-care (see this post) and I think she is right.  The happy feeling of the evening lasted well beyond the actual event.  So what did I do? Here is a little clue:


My niece arranged for a group of us to attend a painting class at a place called Painting With a Twist.  We could bring our own snacks and beverages and the instructor gave us step by step directions on how to paint this picture.  It was a light, fun, creative atmosphere and it was great just to hang out and spend time with family and friends.  No painting experience was needed, all that was required was the ability to follow simple directions and willingness to let go of perfection and have some fun!  Here are Jules and I having some fun!




The finished products.


If you look closely, we even had some face painting fun!   So if you have been thinking about doing something just for fun, I encourage you to go ahead and do it!  Who knows, you might just discover a new passion or hobby!  What do you think of our “masterpieces”!




The God Box

Greetings on this blustery snowy day in Michigan!!

I wanted to share with you something our Pastor did during children’s time last Sunday. A gracious man from our church made these beautiful little wood boxes that the pastor handed out to all of the children. He called them “God Boxes,” and explained how anytime something was bothering them, they could write it down and put it in the box. I noticed a few adults around me shaking their heads and indicated they thought it a great idea. I said to my neighbor, “I might need a little bigger box!”

So as I thought more about this I thought, this is REALLY a great idea! How many times do we all just let things rattle around in our heads, struggle with them, and let them stress us out, when all we really need to do is turn them over to God. I thought the box would be a great reminder to do this and I’ve found it very satisfying just writing it down, putting in the box for God to handle, and letting go. It is peaceful and made me feel good to get it off my mind.

I found a box at Hobby Lobby that seemed perfect for what I was looking for, but you could use almost anything you want. I kind of wanted mine to look special, and as I said, I needed a little bigger box than the kids. So here is my box!


Have a great day!


Little Pieces of God’s World – Great Inspirations!

Collecting rocks along the beach is one of my most cherished, serene activities. I guess I can’t just say the beach because I’ve been noted to pick a rock or two from the shoulder of the road or anywhere I see a rock that strikes me! I have no real purpose for collecting these rocks other than it gives me great peace and joy to do so. I feel they are just another awesome piece of God’s creation!! Some day I may find a great inspiration of something to do with my rocks, but for now I’m okay with just letting my collection grow.   There are 2 favorite places I have collected rocks from this summer: White Fish Point and 2 Hearted River, both in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. My mission was to find some Agates during our last trip to the UP. A guy at a craft show pointed me in the direction of 2 Hearted River. What I have learned is that it would be a good idea to take someone with you who knew the difference in rocks. I get caught up in the “Pretty Rock Syndrome!” Not sure if I have any agates, but I sure do have some pretty rocks!! Some day I’m going to make a trip by myself or with another fellow rock picker as my husband tends to get a little impatient. Hobbies are so important to our wellness and mental health. It is the number one thing I encourage my clients to find…a hobby. So, what are some of the things you consider a hobby or like to collect?

Rock on!


DSC02425 Little PiecesRock 1 Little PiecesDSC02404 Little PiecesDSC_0012 Little Pieces


DSC02411 Little Pieces   Rock 4 Little Pieces of God's World Rock 2 Little Pieces Rock 3 Little Pieces

10 Ways to Carve Out “Me Time”


As women we often put ourselves at the bottom of the list. There is housework, and kids and homework (more housework) and for a lot of us jobs. As a therapist I work with a lot of women, and if you were to ask any of them what is a major question I ask, everyone would say, “what do you do for fun” or how often are you having “me time.” Sadly enough many of them say they either don’t know, or they just aren’t making time to do it. I am here to tell you, it is important!!! Carving out time for yourself helps you to recharge! Have you ever heard the saying, “if momma ain’t happy, then nobody’s happy!” None of us, woman or man was put on this earth to be martyrs. We must take care of ourselves and we must have fun! Fun can never be taken out of the equation. So I am going to help you out with 10 suggestions of things you can do to incorporate fun, or “me time” into your life. Most important when attempting any of this, do it guilt free!!! Please, feel free to share with us what you do for fun or for me time!!

  1. A hot cup of tea and a book!
  2. A nice walk outside. Fresh air is good for us and helps to clear the head!
  3. There is nothing like a nice hot bath with some special bubbles or sea salts (door locked of course! Remember….this time is for you!
  4. Engage in a hobby. Whether it be knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, photography, crafting, cycling, sports, star gazing, bird watching, or dog walking. Find what you like to do and engage in it. Remember, you don’t have to be Martha Stewart. Keep it simple and have fun!
  5. Music!! My favorite. Sometimes it just feels good to blast your favorite music, or relax to a soothing melody. Music can be fun, healing and therapeutic.
  6. A nice small group bible study can be a really nice way to get out of the house and engage with other women. Our church used to have one with daycare which was awesome!
  7. Find something funny to laugh at. Laughter is healing.
  8. Call up a friend just to chat. While Facebook and emailing or texting can be convenient, good old fashioned conversation can’t be replaced! My cousin and I used to talk for hours after the kids were in bed. It helped us both get through some rough parenting times!
  9. Try a new exercise, or commit to doing a small bit of exercise every day. Even 10 minutes can be beneficial!
  10. And last but not least and sometimes my favorite! DO NOTHING! Just breathe, relax, and breathe again. Make your down time really count by doing a whole lot of nothing.  Sometimes a few minutes of quiet time can save a whole lot of frustration!
  11. Ok, this is a bonus one and one I used all the time when my kids were little. NAP, NAP, NAP!! When my kids napped, I napped. Probably saved a lot of ugly moments from happening!!!


Good luck in your endeavors!