Winter Wanderings

I’ve been doing a bit of traveling to doctors the last couple of weeks, and I’ve learned to keep my camera with me. There are some beautiful sights to behold in our beautiful countryside, and you never know who you’ll meet! Enjoy!


Sanilac sightings barn

Barn Jennifers

Sanilac sightings barn 2

Sanilac sightings Bridge

Sanilac sightings tree

Turkey Trot

Red Tail Hawk 3

Red Tail Hawk


And I THINK this might be Mrs. Cardinal!! Less color. Any bird lovers out there? Am I right?!

Mrs. Cardinal

I’ve had my eye out for the snowy white owl that has been hanging around here…he continues to elude me, but this red tail hawk posed very nicely!!

What are you favorite pictures to take. I bet we have a few other shutterbugs out there! Happy shooting!








Write it Down!

write it downHappy New Year Everyone!

With all of the holiday happenings, weather and travel I’m a bit behind on some of my post idea. As you all may know my mom was in the hospital for a week the first part of November. I want to share a tip with you that our Pastor shared with us when he came to visit. He suggested we get a notebook and take notes on everything that was going on with mom: what meds she was taking, what each doctor, nurse etc. had to say. The notebook would stay with mom and whoever happened to be there could be brought up to speed in a matter of minutes by checking the notebook. That notebook turned out to be invaluable. The doctors and nurses were all very patient as we took notes. I think they were happy to see us write stuff down as I think it cut down on some repeat questions.  We all know how stressful it can be when a loved one is ill, and sometimes all of the information coming in can be overwhelming. This is why the notebook became so important. We could also create a list of questions for the doctor when he came in. Those visits were “short and sweet” (ok…really, they weren’t sweet!!!) and having the questions ready was very helpful. So I suggest if you are caring for a loved one in or out of the hospital, the notebook could be a very useful tool for you too! We even continued to use it for awhile after she was home and took it to her after care visit with questions! Thanks Pastor Matt for a great tip!!



How To Organize Your “To Do” List

Does anyone else ever feel overwhelmed by your “To Do” list?  Here is a quick and simple way to organize your  list.  This list will help you to prioritize the most important items and hopefully let some things go too!  If you are trying to get yourself organized for the New Year, this idea might help you out.

All you need is a blank sheet of copy paper and a pencil or pen.

Here is what is looks like:

This is the front-


This is the back-


1.Fold the paper in fourths.

2. You can personalize this list by choosing categories that work for you.  On the front, I labeled each fourth with Personal, Home, Family and Need Help (Things I need Hubby to help with).  The Back side of the list is labeled Daily Must Do’s for Me, Big Projects and Things to Shop For.  I found dividing the list into these categories helped me mentally organize my list, but you could also just make one list with all categories combined.

3. In each fourth of the paper I made three columns labeled-“Must Do”, “Would Be Nice” and “Could Live Without”.

4. Finally, I fill in each section with the millions of things that are always floating around in my head.

Now I have to admit something about this system.  When I made my first draft of the list, the “Must Do” side was very full and the “Could Live Without” did not have any items.  I have been using this system for about two years and I am happy to say I have finally moved some things to the “Can Live Without” column and I am learning to be okay with that! (Paint the inside of my closet-probably not going to happen-too many shelves to take down!)  I do tend to have a lot of things/ideas constantly pop in my head during the day and night and it is nice to have a place to jot them down so I can free my mind for more important things (like sleep!).

I like this system because it is simple and combines a lot of information onto just one page.  Now I’m sure there is probably a more high tech way to do this, but I still can’t let go of paper and pencil for some things.

How about you?  If you are a list person, how do you organize your “To Do” list?  I would love to hear from you!  I’m always looking for new ways to simplify my life and get organized!