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Gratitude is a powerful word! Today I would like to inspire you to be grateful! It’s so easy to get caught up in everyday activities and stress that we often forget to stop and be grateful for even the smallest of things. I am home recovering from knee replacement surgery. It’s been a week and yesterday I woke up feeling grumpy and frustrated. As I lay back in my bed after putting ice on for the 100 billionth time in a week, I looked to my left and the sun was shining in so bright and beautiful,  I felt guilty for being so grumpy! I pulled out of it immediately. I remembered despite everything, I had so many things to be grateful for. God puts so many things in our life, we just have to stop and remember! What are you grateful for today?

Launch of our New Blog!

Finally! After lots of work, some delays, and life happening we are ready to introduce our new blog

Jules and I decided to create a second blog to share our love of all things beach related and to explore our crafty side! In addition to the new blog, we will also be opening an Etsy store (coming soon) to share unique creations we have made with materials from the Great Lakes of Michigan.

We will also continue to post here on Sweet and Simple Inspirations.

Thank you for your patience with us while we have worked on this new project.

Wishing you many blessings!

Jules & Jen

Exciting News Coming This Week!

We have some exciting news to share this week. It has been a almost a year since you’ve heard from us!  Our big plans took little longer than we originally thought.  My oldest daughter graduated from high school last year and I wanted to enjoy every last moment with her home so our plans got put aside for a while.  I don’t regret it, the year was so special and filled with so many precious memories.  It went by in a flash!

Graduation Day!

Graduation Family Photo

She is off to college, now I have more time on my hands.  We have our new project ready to share with you!  Stay tuned for the launch of this exciting new adventure Jules and I have been working on.  The big reveal will be this Wednesday!