Hit or Miss

I hope everyone is having a great start to 2016!  The weather has turned colder here in Michigan but the sun is out which is nice!

I am a bit of a health nut (“nut” being the operative word) and like to use natural products as much as possible both with food, household cleaners and cosmetics.  My family gives me a hard time about some of my “experiments” but I enjoy trying out new ideas.

My latest was trying to make my own hand soap.  In hopes of avoiding the harsh chemicals in many soaps, I tried a recipe for hand soap using liquid Castile soap, essential oils, vegetable glycerin and aloe vera.  I really loved the way the soap turned out and it smelled wonderful. I ordered some pump dispensers on-line (both regular and foaming) and made up a few bottles.  I really like Castile soap because it doesn’t leave a soap film in the sink or shower, which makes for easier clean up.

All was going well and I was feeling pretty proud of myself for trying something new, when one day I went to pump the soap not noticing the dispenser was clogged and it squirted all over my clothes!  I thought it was a fluke until the Mister started complaining about the soap squirting him every time he went to wash his hands! I’m not sure if it was the dispenser or something in the soap recipe that kept making it clog but I will let you know when I find the perfect recipe that doesn’t wash your clothes when you wash your hands!


I also had a bottle in the shower on a top shelf and accidentally squirted myself in the eye with the soap.  As I was clutching my burning eye, I was questioning my sanity-maybe people don’t typically make their own soap for a reason!

When I mentioned to the Mister the other day that I was going to save us tons of money on our grocery bill by starting to make our own cleaning products, I got a huge eye roll and a reenactment of a soap dispenser dispersing soap all over his shirt!  Hopefully the homemade cleaning products turn out better than the soap!

How about you?  Do you have any great homemade recipes using natural products?  I would love to hear about any that have worked out for you!  Regardless of the fails, I do enjoy trying new recipes and products in the hopes of stumbling on a great one.  I will be sure to share any “hits” I find!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!




  1. Hi Jen,
    The foaming hand soap recipe that I use (I’ve not had any clogs or explosions) is 2 tbs liquid castile soap (unscented), 1/4 tsp (I use a squirt) of fractionated coconut oil, 10 drops of essential oil such as Citrus Bliss from Doterra. Then fill up the container with water and swish to mix it up.

    I’ve been using vinegar to clean the bathroom for a while now (baking soda sprinkled in the sink and tub, then spray a 50/50 vinegar/water mix over it – I like to watch it foam up a bit). It makes the faucets, sinks and tubs sparkly. I even use it to clean the toilet (just the vinegar/water mix). I also use straight vinegar as a rinse aid in the dish washer and as a fabric softener in the washer (about 1/3 cup per load). We’ve saved a bit of $$ and no stinky chemical smell. The vinegar smell goes away after you rinse whatever you are using it on or you can infuse it with drops of essential oils to make it smell better and/or kill some germs (eucalyptus is an antibacterial, I believe).

  2. Thanks Laura for the recipes! I can’t wait to try, I bet the coconut oil keeps it from clogging up. I LOVE the smell of Citrus Bliss!