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Winter Wanderings

I’ve been doing a bit of traveling to doctors the last couple of weeks, and I’ve learned to keep my camera with me. There are some beautiful sights to behold in our beautiful countryside, and you never know who you’ll meet! Enjoy!


Sanilac sightings barn

Barn Jennifers

Sanilac sightings barn 2

Sanilac sightings Bridge

Sanilac sightings tree

Turkey Trot

Red Tail Hawk 3

Red Tail Hawk


And I THINK this might be Mrs. Cardinal!! Less color. Any bird lovers out there? Am I right?!

Mrs. Cardinal

I’ve had my eye out for the snowy white owl that has been hanging around here…he continues to elude me, but this red tail hawk posed very nicely!!

What are you favorite pictures to take. I bet we have a few other shutterbugs out there! Happy shooting!








Finding Positives in the Negatives!

Greetings Faithful Followers!

As you know we live in the icy state of Michigan. We seem to have nothing to talk about except how cold it is (oh, trust me, it is cold here!!) Sometimes though we have to look through the negatives (like last Friday’s -34 degree’s) and find some beauty. It’s about finding the positive, even though things look pretty negative. I had my husband take me for a little drive yesterday and I was able to capture some of the beauty of our wonderful Lake Huron. I like hot sun and sand, but places where there is always hot sun and sand….well…it could get boring….but the Lake Huron…it changes with the season, and the sky color and the temperature. And sometimes, it’s most beautiful when it’s frozen! Enjoy a few of the sights I found yesterday! And then go out and find your positive!!

Happy March


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