Finding Positives in the Negatives!

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As you know we live in the icy state of Michigan. We seem to have nothing to talk about except how cold it is (oh, trust me, it is cold here!!) Sometimes though we have to look through the negatives (like last Friday’s -34 degree’s) and find some beauty. It’s about finding the positive, even though things look pretty negative. I had my husband take me for a little drive yesterday and I was able to capture some of the beauty of our wonderful Lake Huron. I like hot sun and sand, but places where there is always hot sun and sand….well…it could get boring….but the Lake Huron…it changes with the season, and the sky color and the temperature. And sometimes, it’s most beautiful when it’s frozen! Enjoy a few of the sights I found yesterday! And then go out and find your positive!!

Happy March


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  1. Wow! Incredible pictures! Although our weather here in Missouri hasn’t been quite as extreme (that -34 degrees you mentioned put me into shock!) I was marveling at the beauty of it all the other day as I was doing some errands in our small downtown area. Beautiful brick buildings with old downspouts, the water had frozen as it was draining off of the roofs & it looked like a beautiful ice sculpture protruding from the buildings. Although we had to cancel our church services this morning & that does make me sad, you’re so right! There are positives all around us! Today, making snow ice cream with my girls is my positive. Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful pictures!

    • Thank you for your kind words! Just looking at your website. Looks very nice. Looks like we could learn lots by reading your words! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Mary Lee Grimes says:

    Beautiful photos