A Time For Healing


Spring is right around the corner and with it I am praying for warmer temperatures, sunshine and restored health. We have had some difficult health challenges in our family over the past few months. As you read in an earlier post, Jules has been battling some issues with her heart. Prayers for her speedy recovery are appreciated. Our Mom has also had some health concerns that have been challenging to work through, but things seem to be moving in a better direction, Praise God!

I have not experienced anything as serious as their conditions, but have been battling a foot injury that has required me to reduce my normal activity level by about 90%. I injured my foot during our travels to Germany last summer, by doing too much uphill walking in the wrong shoes and developed tendonitis (an overuse injury). Instead of going to the doctor right away, I thought it would eventually get better, so I didn’t see a medical professional until last November when the pain became unbearable. The doctor has tried several things to cure the pain but nothing has worked so far. A month ago, he sent me home in a walking cast with orders to rest.

Mt. Zugspitze

(We saw some awesome scenery this summer, but every sight seemed to be at the top of a very high mountain/hill! It makes my foot hurt just looking at this picture, but it was totally worth it! This was taken at Mt. Zugspitze-Germany’s highest peak.)

This whole ordeal has been so frustrating and has tested my patience.   As much as I thought I hated exercising, I really miss it. I realized how much I counted on it for my mental sanity and stress control. I also realized how hard it is for me to just sit, rest and let others help me. The Mister and the girls have been great helping out with the cooking, shopping and cleaning. Little One has made about a hundred trips up the stairs fetching things for me. I have struggled with feelings of guilt and frustration because I am not able to do things I usually do. I realized that, as with any situation, there are lessons to be learned. Jules said to me the other day that she wondered if her health challenge was a message from God to slow down. I have definitely found some advantages to slowing down and resting.

I’m not as tired as I was when I was running every day and I really don’t miss those 5:30 am wake ups. I have even discovered some different ways to work out that I might not have tried before the injury. I have had more time to just hang out with my family, since I am not running around like a crazy person trying to get everything done. Jules and I have even had time to start scheming together on a new project, which has been loads of fun! I have also learned I don’t have to take on everything myself, I have people willing to help me which is so comforting. I just have to be willing to accept the help. Oh, and one side note I really can get a lot of things done via the Internet! The Mister opened the front door the other day and commented that every time he opened the door, there was another package on our front porch! I’ve become a bit of an Amazon addict!  Finally, I have learned to let some things go. Things might not get done the way I would do them or on my timeline, but they are getting done and if they aren’t, it isn’t the end of the world.

Now, do I wish I didn’t have to experience this injury to learn these lessons? You bet! Would I have learned them without being forced to? Probably not! So as I continue to heal from this injury, I will focus on being thankful for the blessings in my life and the lessons I am continually learning. I thank God for always being by my side, especially during the challenging times. I know I can always bring my troubles and cares to Him and He will provide comfort, peace and rest.

How about you? Do you need to slow down and take some time to rest? Have you been struggling with an injury or illness? I encourage to you find a way to slow down, accept help when you need it and say no to some things, so you can say yes to others. We would love to hear your stories or tips in the comments.