The Music Man – Honoring a Man of Inspiration!


Happy Monday Everyone!

I was sitting in church yesterday being led in a resounding chorus of Alleluia and started thinking about the man leading us in song. His name is Bob Stasiuk and I can’t image what our church would be like without him. I think of him as “Mr. Happy.” He is always walking around the church with a smile and a welcome to everyone. I’m pretty sure he greets every person who walks in the door as he weaves in and out the pews. Mr. Stasiuk, as many a student remembers him, was the school music director. While he retired from teaching by no means did the music stop. First of all he graces Sandusky First United Methodist Church every Sunday, except during the winter when some lucky church out in Nevada gets him! Of course, when summer comes we do have to share him with another Methodist Church on the lake. But I would like to lay claim to him as our music man!!


Bob was married to a wonderful woman named Char….it is talking about her when you will see a gentle smile and maybe a little tear. She was the most wonderful, genuinely, kind, compassionate woman I have ever known. She died a few years ago and she is greatly missed. Sometimes though when I look at the choir I swear I still see her sitting there. They made a wonderful kind couple, and she is greatly missed. I can’t really say enough good things. Bob is well known in the community for spreading music wherever he goes. He is always trying to teach us a fun new song, or get the whole church singing in rounds. Bob played at the weddings of 3 of my 4 children, and he didn’t do the 4th because she lives in Georgia. He is a strong part of my church family! You can’t help but smile when Bob is leading a song. He is also a very Godly man who likes to share his love for God through story and song. He encourages us to do daily devotions and get to know our bibles. When it’s highway clean up time it is Bob that is standing up there recruiting volunteers. We are a blessed church.


I’ve realized that many a pastor has come and gone, but one things has stayed consistent – the joy that Bob Stasiuk brings with his music and smile. If you had Mr. Stasiuk as a teacher, or have a story to share, please feel free to leave a comment, we would love to hear from you!!




  1. Brian Merritt says:

    Mr. Stasiuk was the best! I don’t know how he put up with a bunch of idiotic teenage boys. He was always passionate about teaching. A teacher I have never forgotten, for sure!! Tell him I said HI!!

  2. Denise Doan says:

    Loved both Mr. And Mrs. Stasiuk as teachers! Doesn’t surprise me that he continues living his music! He always was very passionate about it!

  3. Mike wettstein says:

    Best teacher I ever had. I still marvel at the variety of songs we sang in his class. I saw him last singing Christmas carols at the lighted tractor parade.

  4. Don Gotham says:

    It was a joy to sit next to Bob in choir, and have him help me find my note. It was an inspiration to witness the gentle and sincere way he led music and included his encouragements to the congregation to put their faith into practice. It was a gift to experience the hospitality showed to our family by both he and Char. It was fun to see and hear his humorous side. Thanks for honoring Sandusky’s Mr. Music.

  5. Kerry Mason says:

    What a wonderful man!! Loved him when I had him in class all those years ago! Loved babysitting for the boys, and I still keep in touch with him. Was so sad when he lost his soul mate and companion, but I know that they will be together forever in Heaven! Always loved the way his eyes sparkled when he sang, and I have never known a more giving individual. His concern and genuine care for and about people is contagious! So proud to call him a friend. Thank you for a wonderful tribute to a very humble, deserving man!!

  6. Bob truly is a one of a kind, special man. I remember his music class in middle school being such a safe and happy place! I still remember the “Coffee” song! I always look forward to seeing him when we visit Mom’s church and know I will always receive a warm greeting and a big smile and maybe even have the opportunity to sing a round! What a blessing he is!

  7. Michele Ellis Levandusky says:

    Mr. Stasiuk – Wow, now there is an amazing man. Talented beyond what words can express not to mention the most kind hearted person you will ever meet. I’ve known Mr. Stasiuk all my life. Growing up in the FUMC blessed us with his talent and voice week after week. His never ending smile and loving life attitude is something we can all learn from. The one vivid memory I always have is from seventh grade, in the old middle school music class and his silly songs….
    ‘My hand on my head,
    What have I here?
    This is my top-notcher, my Mama dear.
    Top-notcher, top-notcher,
    Dickey, dickey doo,
    That’s what I learned in my school.
    Boom! Boom!”

    I too still, every now and again, have the C-o-f-f-e-e song pop in my head.

    A great man, an amazing family man, unbelievable talent and a devout Christian, That my friends is the definition of Mr. Bob Stasiuk

  8. Mary Lee Grimes says:

    What a wonderful man and Mrs. Stasiuk was just as wonderful! Sandusky schools were truly blessed to have these two individuals teaching their students along with the FUMC family! I think his music left a footprint in many of our hearts. Hopefully many more will enjoy him and his music. God bless them both!