Step Away from the Electronics!!


I love people watching. It’s one of my favorite things to do when I’m out and about. Recently when visiting my daughter in Georgia, where the weather was MUCH better than it is here, I had the opportunity to go for some walks. The destination was a park that also had a walking track. I had taken my niece there one day during their visit and she loved it. Sadly, what I observed for the most part, was kids playing and mom’s sitting on benches on their phones. Kids calling out, “look at me” and mom’s acknowledging them with their attention clearly on their phones. This happened another time I was at a hotel pool. Dad sat on the side, in his bathing suit while his son played. He was glued to his phone. Despite his son constantly pleading with him to come in the pool, he never did. I find this really sad. These are such special moments with children, and many parents are just missing out. I guess they don’t realize just how fast this time is going to pass and their kids are going to quit asking them to join them.

I will admit I am as guilty as most when it comes to the phone, but when I am interacting with my grandkids or my niece, the phone is put away. Kids can be pretty funny if you just tune in. We call these times “memory makers.” I want my grandkids to remember the events we did together, not me observing from the sidelines with a phone in my hand. So, once again I say, “Step away from the electronics” and go have some fun. You will never regret these moments!

Have a great week,



  1. well said!!!

  2. I think it must be on the level with addiction.