For the Love of Technology!!


facetimeLast week I wrote about the importance of keeping the letter alive. Today I want to flip things around and share what I love so much about modern technology. My twin grandchildren were born in Atlanta, Georgia about 2 weeks ago. Still in the nic unit but doing well. During her labor, and birth and afterwards, my son-in-law kept us updated with texts. Pictures have followed and he has been so good about sending daily pictures. There is a very wonderful thing called Face Time if you are an apple owner. This has allowed me to talk face to face with my daughter and to see the babies “in person.” As I looked back over the dialog of texts during this time I found it so precious. I have saved them all to print out to have as a record of this exciting event.

Moving on to Facebook….I really believe Facebook should just be for adults, not children. Facebook has allowed me to connect with cousins I hadn’t seen for years. Following their families lives through pictures and messages makes them feel closer. We have our own private family page that only our family can access that lets us communicate with each other on things that may be more personal. I love it for this reason.

So, while I still believe letters are a wonderful thing, I’m not so sure I could ever live without this technology. To have had to wait for pictures to come in the mail of my grandchildren…well that would have been a LONG wait!!

TwinsThank you text messaging for this picture!!

So, what do you like/dislike about technology? Please share!!




  1. Love all the post that your putting up for us Julie.