Write it Down!

write it downHappy New Year Everyone!

With all of the holiday happenings, weather and travel I’m a bit behind on some of my post idea. As you all may know my mom was in the hospital for a week the first part of November. I want to share a tip with you that our Pastor shared with us when he came to visit. He suggested we get a notebook and take notes on everything that was going on with mom: what meds she was taking, what each doctor, nurse etc. had to say. The notebook would stay with mom and whoever happened to be there could be brought up to speed in a matter of minutes by checking the notebook. That notebook turned out to be invaluable. The doctors and nurses were all very patient as we took notes. I think they were happy to see us write stuff down as I think it cut down on some repeat questions.¬† We all know how stressful it can be when a loved one is ill, and sometimes all of the information coming in can be overwhelming. This is why the notebook became so important. We could also create a list of questions for the doctor when he came in. Those visits were “short and sweet” (ok…really, they weren’t sweet!!!) and having the questions ready was very helpful. So I suggest if you are caring for a loved one in or out of the hospital, the notebook could be a very useful tool for you too! We even continued to use it for awhile after she was home and took it to her after care visit with questions! Thanks Pastor Matt for a great tip!!




  1. Craig Backus says:

    It also helps when you’re dealing with a bunch of different doctors, and they don’t always realize what “Dr. Smith” said a couple hours earlier…… “Oh, he thought that……” They didn’t usually question other doctors in front of us, but you could tell they would go back and consult each other before they saw us again. It usually helped them to sharpen their diagnosis and treatment options.