MiraclesHi Happy Readers!

This isn’t the direction I planned on going today, but God and my twin grandchildren had different plans. This morning we welcomed into the world Elle Margaret and Brooks Gordon! She was only 34 weeks, so they are very tiny and quite a surprise!! I had just talked to her last night at 8:00 and things were fine. Which brings me to the topic of miracles!!! These little babies are proof that God still performs miracles. My daughter really struggled with fertility issues and we weren’t sure this was ever going to happen. But God knows what He is doing and when faith and trust are put in him, we can just sit back and what the miracles he performs. Now I’m not going to tell you the whole story, as it is not my story to tell. But I can tell you a year ago my heart was breaking for my daughter and her husband who wanted a baby so bad. You see, she is a nurse midwife, and this is what she does every day, so to deliver baby after baby and not be able to carry your own, well, I’m sure you can imagine. Our faith is strong, and I had to remind her that God knows what he is doing, but its that “waiting in the gap,” that place between what we want, and when we get to see how it all plays out, that is hard. Well, look at this picture below folks and trust me that God has touched these babies from the first cell of their creation. I only have a really good picture of little Elle. Little man is needing a little more assistance, but he is doing great. Say a prayer for them all tonight please! God is good. We are blessed.



Baby Elle