Oh Mr. Postman…….


Remember when we used to send and receive real letters? I honestly can’t say when the last time is that I sent a letter to someone or received a letter from someone! I was going through a closet with some of my daughters stuff and found an old can with letters my sister (Jen) had sent her when she was out of state with her military husband. She has kept them all these years because they were important. My mother in law talks of writing every day to her husband who was stationed in Korea. I wonder if she kept them. When I was a kid I remember going upstairs in my grandpa’s house to cut the stamps off of the letters my dad had sent from Korea. At that age I had no interest what was in them…I would give anything today to have the opportunity to read them. I remember after visiting my cousin in California when I was about 10 we would write back and forth for awhile. I think I even had a few pen pals. I don’t think kids today would even know what that is. I take that back, they talk to people all over the world through gaming systems and consider them friends. I am not convinced this is the same.

I think as a society we have become to used to email, Facebook and text messaging. But really, I think there is nothing as special and intimate as a hand written letter. I am as guilty as anyone, and I’m not knocking any of those other modes of communication; they have all let me connect with old friends and family members. But, a letter, maybe we should reconsider this. After all, how many emails, texts or Facebook chats have your folded up and put in a can??

A love letter to someone you love…who wouldn’t like to get that. It is pretty special to know someone actually took the time to sit down and write you. So I challenge you to think…is a handwritten letter important, or is it something that we let fade into the past? Let me know what you think.




  1. I still have a box of love letters my hubby wrote to me when we lived states apart. I will treasure them forever!!

  2. Letters, and books as well, are tangible. They can be held in the hand and read and re-read with an intimacy a text or a FB message or an e-mail just can not. I delight in getting notes from my friends and I delight in writing to them. Letters don’t have to be long, they just need some heart in them. To read from another’s hand writing is so much more personal than reading type fonts in a text. A handwritten letter may not be “important” anymore, but it is “special”. I would hate to see it let fade into the past, but that may just be because we were brought up with letters…the excitement of receiving mail from someone we didn’t get to see often. With the new forms of communication, we can talk to each other, ask questions, express ideas or thoughts and get immediate feedback…that’s a very positive side to the issue. And, our children haven’t really known any other way.

  3. Very nice, Julie. You put a smile on my face when I saw the topic of your post. My mother has a letter her Grandfather wrote to her family one Christmas. Her grandmother was not very literate and would write a few words on the bottom of his letters. This and other letters are so precious to her. I have Valentine cards that my Grandma sent me when I was a little girl. She sent a lot of cards and I have most of them. I love to see her handwriting. I miss her.

  4. glad you all enjoyed this….stay tuned for next post that will have a different twist!!

  5. Annemarie Kautz says:

    I too have a few drawers full of letters and cards that my hubby and I sent to one another while we were dating. I remember having a lot of pen pals when I was a young girl. I used to buy scented stationery and get those wax seals with my initials on them (tamper proof!). Always a pleasure to get a handwritten letter. I still write thank you’s by hand. Matter of fact, I am going to write a letter to my daughter in the Army right now!!!