I Will Inspire

inspire someoneI wanted to share a little God moment with you all. You all know that I am a mental health therapist. Very often it is NOT a happy job. Sometimes I know how Jesus must feel as people lay their burdens on me and look to me for hope to “fix” things. As much as I want to make everything all better, a lot of times it just isn’t possible. There are so many times that I question whether I really want to be doing this job, and maybe there would be a “happier” job out there somewhere!

For the first time, (after years of talking about it) I attended the 11:00 Christmas Eve service. It was a small intimate service and the pastor asked if there were any prayer requests. I asked for prayers for the last client I had seen the night before. His life is very dark, he feels very hopeless and at times I fear he will try and end it. One of the burdens of my job. One of the reasons I often think about a happier job. After the requests we bowed our heads in prayer and when I bowed I saw the words on the necklace I had just received a few hours before from my daughter Sarah. It said, “I Will Inspire.” I had to smile, because there again was God telling me I was doing the right thing and I was in the job I was meant to be. I shouldn’t have been surprised…He does that to me quite often. So again I am filled with determination and will set out to bring light where I can, and to continue to inspire! I encourage you to find someone you can help bring the light of Christ to and to be the inspiration someone needs to come out of the darkness.