I must admit I am an eavesdropper. I love to listen in to other peoples conversations when I am out and about…sometimes they are funny, sometimes not so. Yesterday I was waiting in an office and I overheard a man talking that his wife may have MS….they were just waiting for tests to come back. That inspired me to start thinking about all of the blessings I have in my own life despite some of the trials and tribulations we have had over the last few weeks. My mom, who was very sick two weeks ago, is doing better. I had to get a pacemaker, but my doctor said it is being used 60% of the time, so we made a good choice…a choice two other cardiologists had deemed unnecessary. I had back surgery, but since then have not had that debilitating sciatic nerve pain. Over the weekend I found myself getting very stressed in the putting together my daughter’s baby shower. Luckily I had the sense at the time to step back and tell myself, what awesomely (probably not a word) wonderful reason to be stressed. Getting pregnant has not been easy for them, but here we are about to celebrate the birth of TWINS!!!! My entire family was able to gather this past Sunday for a Christmas celebration that was full of laughter, craziness and love. We are blessed. So as I started thinking about blessings, this song sung by Bing Crosby,¬† just popped into my head. I hope after you listen you start counting your blessings and find yourself humming this song the rest of this season.

Bless you all!