Sweet and Simple Inspirations Inspiring People!

Really great peopleFor the month of October Jen and I have decided to do something different. We are going to be featuring inspiring people¬†from our posts. Most of the stories will be based on people we actually know. Some will be from people who we have read about, heard speak, or have read their books. Trust me though, the best and most inspiring stories will be coming from people that we know personally!! I have met some amazing people along this journey of life, and I think that you deserve to hear their stories. A few of the stories you will be treated to is the story of a single mom raising her daughter alone, another mother battling cancer, a recovering alcoholic who just celebrated his 10th sobriety anniversary, two pastors who will share how they received their calling, weight loss stories from someone who has lost over 200 pounds and someone who has lost over 100 pounds, an Air Force Veteran and his memories and a caregiver for someone who is battling cancer. Now I don’t want to give them all away, so please stay tuned!!! Our first story will premiere on Friday!! I hope you enjoy this journey and that some of you will share with us people who inspire you!

Peace and Light