My Mother, My Hero, My Inspiration!

Mom and kids

I would like to introduce you today to my most inspirational person ever….my mother. I think my mom is one of the best ever. My mom has been through a lot in her life. My dad got cancer when he was only 50 and died when he was just 57. My mom was barely 50 when he died. Seemed old then, but oh so young now! My sister was still in high school when he got sick, my brother away at college,and I was out on my own, married and in serious denial of my dad’s illness. My mom was there for every appointment, treatment and care of him at home.  I sometimes wonder how she did it. I was so in denial of his illness that I know I didn’t help as much as I could have. Mom never complained though…she just did what had to be done.  After my dad died, the care of the house was up to my mom, as by this point my sister was also out of the house. She learned how to mow the lawn, take care of the yard, the car, and anything else that broke. Eventually that all caught up to her and the decision was made to sell the house she had lived in for most of her married life and raised her three children. Thankfully for me, she lives much closer now! Mom was ALWAYS available to her children. Even now as a grown adult I turn to my mom when I’m sick, have had surgery or need help. And despite the fact that she is 79 years old and has a lot of her own aches and pains, she is always there. She has sat by my bedside in a hospital way more than I have for her! And today, she helped out another generation! When my daughter woke up with the flu this morning, she came down to help take care of her 6 month old great granddaughter. My mom loves, prays and takes care of all of us. She worries and always encourages her children, grandchildren, and now great grandchildren! My guess is she has prayed a lot of us out of bad situations! I would wish for everyone to have a mom like ours! And for her just being who she is, she is my inspirational person!!





  1. Tracie Rennie says:

    Your mother is truly an inspiration, as you are too!

  2. Mary Lee Grimes says:

    Your mother is a wonderful woman. Both you and I were blessed with both amazing mom’s and dad’s. You are so fortunate that you still have your mother and it warms my heart that you appreciate her so much!

  3. You captured Mom perfectly in this post! She is an amazing woman and we are so blessed to call her Mom!