A Love Story

I know some of you are familiar with the Tripp Halstead story. I have been following it on Facebook for a very long time now. This is the story of a beautiful little boy and the never ending love and commitment of his parents.

love Tripp Halstead story baby

Almost a year ago on October 29, Tripp was playing on the playground at daycare and a huge limb fell out of a very high tree. It fell on his head and crushed his skull into many pieces. They took him to Winder-Barrow hospital and then flew him to Egleston Childrens hospital in Atlanta.

This is an excerpt from their website teamboom: (http://www.teamboom4tripp.com/#!our-story/c7h5) As soon as we got there, they let us see him. He looked perfect. No blood, no cuts, he looked so peaceful. Then the Dr started telling us how bad it was, and it took me some time to realize they were saying he could die. It was a slice to my heart and soul. So the next few hours after that were a total blur. When I dropped my happy, perfect boy off at daycare that morning, it might of been the last time I saw his smile or his eyes open or him awake. I will never take another day with my baby for granted.

So he survived surgery, then the next 24 hours and made it til Friday. Then he took a turn for the worst and they told us to say our goodbyes. That was the worst day of my life. To think he had survived this and then given no hope. But Tripp proved them wrong, he is a fighter and he pulled through and we have never looked back. He spent 5 full months in the hospital. He is at home now and even though he is making babysteps, he is moving forward.

The dedication of these two parents and their extended family just amazes me. If you visit their site and follow their story, you will see what they do is HARD work. I wonder sometimes if I could do it. This really makes me think that God knows exactly who he is picking when children are born. These two are just amazing and I admire them so much. Every time I read Stacy’s account of Tripp having a hard night, or a bad day it just breaks my heart. And when I see Tripp having a good day, or seeing the changes with my own eyes through her pictures, I am cheering along with them!! Go Tripp. I pray for this little boy and his parents. As far as I am concerned they deserve the parents of the year awards.

So hug your children and love them up…we never know from day to day what might happen. And say a little prayer for Tripp and his family tonight. They need them! Also check out and follow their story on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TrippHalsteadUpdates.

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