Living With Eyes Wide Open


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It does make a difference what you call things. –Kate Douglas Wiggin…… Most of us think of dandelions as weeds. We buy special tools and poisons when they crop up and complain about them as surely as we welcome the spring that brings them. Yet is there anything more lovely than a sea of yellow dandelions by the side of the road in June? Or as remarkable in transformation as the filaments of the mature dandelion blowing on the wind? Sometimes we let someone else define for us what are weeds and what are flowers. We don’t have to. Much of the beauty of the world is that we ourselves decide what is beautiful according to our own feelings. How lucky we are that, when we choose to, we can open our eyes and see! Can I see the beauty in those around me right now?

I found this as part of a daily meditation that gets sent to my email. I really thought the words were inspiring. As many of you know I am a mental health therapist. I work with people every day trying to help them see that feelings are just feelings. Nothing to be afraid of….and did you know that most feeling change about every 20 minutes. I work to help people look for the positives in their life and most important to create a list of things they are grateful for. I think this would help ALL of us to do every day. (Sometimes I have to put myself in the other chair to remind myself what I need to do!!) So I challenge you today. What are you looking at as a weed? Or are you letting someone else define for you what are weeds in your life! Take charge of your life and your feelings and look for beauty in even the simplest of things. I like to call it “Living with Eyes Wide Open.” When you really start looking…sometimes “weeds” can be the most beautiful thing out there!!

I hope you have an inspiring, inspirational, lovely Wednesday!!