Hold My Hand


A couple of weeks ago in church, the pastor asked everyone to hold hands with the people next to them while we prayed.  It just so happened that Oldest Daughter was sitting next to me!  As she reluctantly put her hand in mine, my heart jumped a little in my chest as I realized it had been quite a few years since I had held her hand!  Sitting there with my eyes closed and feeling her hand in mine, I wondered where the years went!  In three years, she will graduate from high school and then she will be leaving home for college!  So as we sat there praying, I just enjoyed holding my “little” girl’s hand.

Thankfully, I have Little One who still loves to hold my hand.  Whenever we are out and about walking in a parking lot or a public place, we both instinctively reach for each other’s hand.  Her little hand tucks nicely into mine and all feels right with my world!  After the church hand holding, I cherish holding her hand even more and even though Oldest Daughter doesn’t hold my hand now, we have our special moments, they are just different than when she was a little girl.

We all get very busy in our day to day lives (myself included) and tend to go through the motions without always remembering to stop and live, like Jules said in her last post-with our eyes wide open.  I want to really take time to mindfully appreciate all of the people  in my life that are most important to me and not take anything for granted.

So friends, if you have little ones at home, cherish the moments when they still want to hold your hand.  Time slips away and all too soon they no longer need or want to hold your hand.  We want our children to grow and mature into responsible adults, so it isn’t a really a bad thing, it just leaves me feeling somewhat melancholy.  Looking at Jules and watching her enjoy her grandchildren, I realize that God is so good because just when we think our holding hand days are over, He gives us grandchildren to enjoy!

I encourage you to seek out a child in your life, take their hand in yours and feel your heart soar!




  1. Annemarie Kautz says:

    We really see God in those small moments of life. Time flies by so quickly and so many people are either living in the past or worrying about tomorrow when the really need to savor each moment if today.