God’s Amazing Creatures!

IMG_2630 Creatures


I took the girls to the zoo today, it is always a favorite family outing and the weather was perfect!  As we were staring at this zebra  and pondering the age old question- “Black with white stripes or white with black stripes?”, we found ourselves noticing the intricate design. The symmetry and pattern were perfect!

If you ever have doubts about the existence of God, I urge you to visit a zoo, aquarium or place that displays the many creatures of this world.  It really is mind boggling, what an awesome and creative God we have!   Think of all of the types of creatures that roam the earth and tell me there is not a God…no way! Not to mention the other many natural wonders of the world, but for me, I always see God’s creativity and even humor the most in animals!   So whenever I find myself in awe of one of these amazing animals, I am reminded of how much God loves us and am so thankful for the wonderful gifts He gave us to enjoy!  I am so happy to be able to share this knowledge with my girls and I hope they will always remember how much God loves them whenever they visit the zoo!

By the way, a lady standing by us informed us that zebras are white with black stripes and that if you shave a zebra, it would be all white!  Hmm, never heard that tidbit before!

Here are some more of my favorite animals of the day:

IMG_2627 Creatures


IMG_2618 Creatures

IMG_2643 Creatures



IMG_2621 Creatures


IMG_2633 Creatures

And to me, the most amazing of God’s creatures:

IMG_2619 CreaturesBlessings,






  1. Actually I think if you check they are really brown stripes!

  2. Margaret says:

    Beautiful pictures. The giraffe and zebra have always amazed me!