Simple Things


I was reading a friends post on Facebook earlier today where she talked about the “simple things.” It’s funny because I had decided on my walk this morning that I would talk about enjoying the simple things in my post today. She was talking about bike riding with her daughter, napping and watching a movie! All great things I think!!


I was on a country walk and really enjoying the sights around me. Corn stalks reaching to the sky, sugar beet tops almost growing before my eyes. There were wild flowers and cat tails and birds flying around. Deep red barns against a brilliant blue sky. It made me forget the real purpose of my being outside which was to exercise! These are all things that make me really glad I live in the country. If I had taken a little more time and walked a little further there is a brand new colt in the pasture on the corner. We enjoy watching for the new babies every spring.




This afternoon I took my 11 year old twin grandchildren Kayaking on the Black River which is only 5 miles from my house! I’m blessed to have these things so close at hand!DSC_0035DSC_0046

Tonight my husband and I spent the evening with our son, his wife and the twins having a nice dinner and then looking at the tall ships that were harbored in Bay City, Michigan.


None of these were big events, but all very enjoyable!!! I think sometimes we get so caught up in the “rat race” of  life we don’t stop to just enjoy being. I encourage you all to take some time before this weekend ends to find what you enjoy doing….something simple, yet satisfying. My simple day was renewing and refreshing and I bet yours will be too!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow!!