Meet Oreo!

Oreo Goes to Mackinac!This is Oreo the new little black Schnauzer I bought my husband for Father’s Day. She wasn’t quite ready to come home on Father’s Day, so we have just had her a couple of weeks. Now we know this is an inspirational website, and I guess there could be a debate on whether a pet is an inspiration or not! We are pet lovers though, and when you get to be our age and the kids have moved out, pets seem to be our source of entertainment! Sad, I know! Some nights we just sit around and watch the antics of the animals. Did I mention we also have two Golden Retrievers!!! I just realized the pets out number the adults…that was a bad move! Oh well, we are sure getting a kick out of this little bundle of fur! Last week we took her on vacation and she went everywhere with us. Check out the view of the Mackinaw Bridge in the background. This was the first time I ever made my way to the beach to take a picture like this. I guess you are never to old to discover new things! I am sure I will be sharing more about the adventures of Oreo in future posts. Oh, and by the way, if you are wondering where the name Oreo came from…she is all black with just a little white in the middle…and her owner, my husband is OBSESSED with Oreos…he eats them by the pack!!! Hope you all had a blessed Sunday!!



  1. You could have named her s-more too. Sue said Doug devoured a bunch while we were kayaking! haha.