Sweet and Simple Inspirations Launch Day!!

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Today is a very special day for Jen and I! It is the day we are publicly launching our website Sweet and Simple Inspirations.com!!! This has been a labor of love, frustration, learning, (did I say frustration!!!) and more learning. Let me give you a little example. We knew absolutely nothing about web design. But we have tenacity!!! So through LOTS of You Tube videos and tutorials we have built this website from the ground up – twice!!! Imagine having a room already decorated and just about to move in and decide the colors, the carpet, the window treatments are all wrong! That is kind of what happened to us. We were almost done, felt it wasn’t “just right” and started from scratch with an even more complex web design. More learning, more frustration and a big thank you to my son in law Reese who helped us with some last finishing touches!!

So, we call ourselves two dreamy sisters! We have been collaborating for years with a LOT of ideas to try to come up with IT…the perfect thing that will help us feel like we are engaging in our passions (which to be truthful doesn’t include work! Not that I don’t love my job (sometimes!!!) But we wanted something different. So about 6 weeks or so ago we decided to create this website. We both have a lot of information and experience, we are “self help” junkies with a lot of interests and a LOT of experience in a variety of things! Our goal here is to help inspire people to either try something new, to take some time to enjoy the simple things in life, to relax, enjoy, think about what makes you happy and to give you some good ideas to do all of the above. We both have LOTS of experience in weight loss and fitness. I have had so much success with Weight Watchers that I want to be able to share all I have learned. Although daughter number 3 thinks we should have a lot of “yummy” recipes (and I think she wasn’t thinking low cal), we want to focus on healthy good for you recipes! Not that they won’t be yummy, just not the calorie laden and not so good for you type!¬† I have 4 kids and 4 grandkids and Jen has 2 kids, so we have lots of ideas on Family activities and Family bonding ideas. And faith will also be a big part of this. That is actually the foundation of what this is all built on. We want to share our faith, the miracles we have witnessed and inspire you to look beyond yourself.

So that’s it! Look around. We are still in the baby stage here, so there is LOTS more to come!! We hope you will visit often and enjoy what we are creating and let us know what you think!! Please feel free to comment as that is how we know if we are accomplishing our goals! So Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!! We are so glad you stopped by!!!

Julie ~