Summer Fun List

Only two more days of school left  and then we will officially be on summer vacation!  Our family has been anticipating this break for weeks now.  The end of the year is always so busy with band concerts, dance recitals, and end of year activities that we are all ready for some rest and relaxation.  At least I am, and as much as I would like to plop myself on the back porch with a good book for the entire summer, I know that is not a reality with two girls who love to be active.  I actually counted on the calendar and they have exactly 80 days of summer vacation!  Wow!  That seems like a lot of time, yet I know from past experience, it will fly by for all of us.

I don’t want to get to the end of the summer and wonder where the time went, so I decided to have the girls create a “Summer Fun List”.  I made one for myself too!  I asked them to list the top 5 things they wanted to do this summer (not including our family vacation).  I found some cute free printable calendars on this website and printed one for June, July and August.

IMG_2931I added all of our commitments for the summer such as camps and appointments and then on the free days we have, we will take turns picking something from our “Summer Fun List”.  This may seem too formal for some families, but I have found our family does best with a plan and they love to look forward to and anticipate events.

Below are the lists the girls gave me.  Little one had to do two lists since her first one included Disney and a trip to California (hey, can’t blame her for thinking big!).  I forgot to tell her the list had to include simple “day trip” kind of things or more local places.




My list included a trip to the beach, watching a movie at our local Drive-In Theater, lunch with friends, a bike ride and a visit to a local historical attraction Greenfield Village.  I would also love to watch our awesome Detroit Tigers  at Comerica Park, take some time to star gaze on a warm summer night, have a backyard picnic and take a trip to the zoo if we have time.  I will keep you posted on our summer adventures.

What are your summer plans?  Even if you don’t take the time to make a formal list, I hope you pause and think of some “must dos” this summer. Then make time to enjoy these things, so at the end of the summer you can reflect back on the special, memorable summer you had!

I wish you a wonderful summer filled with all of the simple pleasures that are so bountiful this time of year!







  1. Jules and Jen says:

    Well the Zoo is on my list for the grand-kids, and Chicago with Sarah, definitely the drive-in and some bonfires!!! So we must coordinate! Don’t forget we were going to hit up all the botanical gardens in Michigan!!

  2. I guess I better find the pool pass since I made her summer to do list!

  3. Woo Hoo!! When are we going to make this Chicago trip happen?!! Also can’t wait for the drive-in, bonfires, fireworks, and more!

  4. make sure you let me know when you go to the Zoo!!!!

  5. And I want to go to a Tiger’s game. Can you believe I’ve never been to Comerica Park?! So, let me know when that comes up on your list. I’m in! And the zoo, too, of course.