Rescue at the Lake


This picture is not from the day of the actual rescue, but this is very much what it looked like from my view!

Him who works all things according to the counsel of His will, (Ephesians 1:11 (NKJV)

I am blessed to work in the village of Lexington. During the nice weather I take every break opportunity to walk out to the harbor. It clears my head and calms my soul. One particular afternoon my schedule was booked but the sun was out and I really wanted a break. I only had a couple of clients left and I would be free. I checked my voicemail and lo and behold I had a cancellation, so I changed my shoes and away I went, knowing I only had about an hour. It was a very windy day, but it was very hot and I didn’t mind. As I approached the harbor the wind was so strong and noisy I pulled my headphones out and just focused on the waves. It wasn’t the normal crowded beach that day, although there were a few families braving the churning waters. I walked to the end of the harbor and noticed some people jumping the waves. It crossed through my mind how dangerous this was giving the days weather. On my way back I noticed two men, two teenage girls and two little girls that were struggling near the rocks. A woman on top of the rocks was screaming at them asking if she should call 911. I wasn’t clear yet if they were in trouble, or if they were still just playing. The man yelled up YES! Call 911! Now I have two pretty bad knees and it looked like a long crawl to get to them. I also knew that if I waited for the rescue squad to get there it could be too late. I looked around and it was just me. No time to think, Lord help me out here, I have to go down. I climbed down the rocks. The wind was blowing and waves were crashing over my head. Thank God there was a small ledge to stand on. The little girls were being bashed against the rocks and I didn’t know if anyone had actually been sucked under the rocks. After a few attempts the man was able to hold on to the littlest one and I reached as far as I can. I grabbed her and our eyes locked. I promised her I would not let go and I didn’t. After pulling her to safety I went for the next one. Eventually all were pulled to safety. I was thinking how I was going to manage to climb back up those rocks. When I turned around to climb ou,t I realized a human chain had been formed, a young teenager, an older woman, another passerby. And they helped us all out. The family was bruised and battered, but they were okay. The man called me an Angel, but I knew who really did that rescue. Point of story. I should not have been there that day. I should have been at work. Once again God reinforced to me just how much HE is in control. He opened up my schedule that day. Despite the wind I decided to walk to the end of the harbor. I had taken my head phones out and paid attention. I never saw the family again, and by the time the rescue squad had arrived I had already left. I have to smile sometimes at the way God works, but work HE does, and for that I am not only grateful, but happy to be able to help Him out when He needs me!



This is a picture of the rocks on a calm day. I still can’t find the exact spot where this happened. Every place looks too steep and impossible to climb. Somehow that day either the rocks formed steps or I was just invincible!