Today I spent my day working at a place that was my full time employment until about 3 1/2 years ago. I was in the chapel doing a group and sat once again in awe of this beautiful mural. When I left this employer I wasn’t sure if I would be back, so I made sure I had pictures to help me remember what it looked like. Luckily I am there every so often and I always make sure to go and spend some time gazing at this beautiful sight. I wish that I had more detailed history to give you. But I can tell you that it was brought over piece by piece from Italy and restored in this chapel. I like to think that it gives the clients there a lot of peace and serenity- I know it does me. I’ve included a couple more pictures to help you see close up what an amazing work of art this really is!! Be inspired!


I hope you are having a peaceful and blessed weekend!



  1. Mary Lee Grimes says:

    That mural is stunning! I agree. So calming.

  2. Jules and Jen says:

    Isn’t it Mary Lee! It was reinstalled piece by piece. I wish I could remember the rest of the history of it. But I sure do love looking at it!