Faithful Fathers

DadThis weekend we will be celebrating a special day that is set aside to honor the wonderful men in our lives, our Dads.  This is a bittersweet day for me; I love to watch the girls celebrate the day with gifts and fun for Daddy, but I don’t get to be with my own father.  Twenty-five years ago yesterday, he lost a hard fought battle with cancer.  I still miss him so much, but am comforted by so many special memories and feel so blessed to have had him as my Dad.

My Dad was one of the most inspirational people I have ever known.  He had a special spirit, one that even cancer could not crush.  When he was first diagnosed with this dreaded disease, he was given a year to live.  He would not accept that diagnosis and he fought until the very end-seven years later.   I learned so much from watching him during this time.  His courage, tenacity and downright stubbornness to not give in will always be remembered.  Even more than that though, was witnessing his rock solid faith which never wavered even during the toughest times.  During challenging times, I have thought about that example of faith so often in my own life.  He taught me that Jesus never leaves our side during the hard times, and like the famous “Footprints” poem says-sometimes he even carries us.  He also left us with memories of his famous laugh that brought so much joy to all who heard it!  Finally, I will always remember the gift of time he gave us.  He was always doing things with us, from simple things like reading stories to taking us on “educational” cross country vacations, and we knew we could count on him for anything.

So if you are celebrating with your Dad this weekend, cherish the time-  talk with him, hug him, laugh with him and for those whose fathers are not here, I hope you find comfort in sweet memories.




  1. Jules and Jen says:

    Nice! However he did have two other children, something the pictures don’t seem to depict!!! 🙂

    • Jules and Jen says:

      Jules I looked and I don’t have any of the three of us with Dad! Add one if you have some. 🙂